Clementine Chatroussat

Women Expert

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Her story...


Clémentine Chatroussat is a Women expert, she created the WE community, a community of caring women who share advices and their expertise to improve the daily well-being.

Her job as a Women Expert is a holistic support dedicated to women based on the body and mind harmonization. It is structured around body oriented psychotherapy, yoga classes dedicated to women, workshops and immersions.
Her mission is clear: “that every woman dares, loves herself and reveals her full potential”.

Participating in this holistic project centered on beauty is an obvious choice for her. She hated and abused her body for years… Thanks to a psycho and body work, she understood the notion of inner beauty and it changed her life ! She has cultivated gentleness towards herself, kindness towards others. She discovered beauty in a silence, a look, a landscape, an object, a mantra… What a joy ! She believes that every human being has the power to evolve towards this inner beauty, the one from the heart…

Learn more about Clémentine by reading her Beauty Interview.

You can also follow Clementine on Instagram @clementinechatroussat.

Photo credits : @Liana Fung