Active ingredients you should look for if you have oily skin

Shiny skin? Dilated pores? A dull complexion? All these problems are commonly associated with oily and combination skin. And while these skin types can be quite demanding, it is possible to keep them balanced by using natural, targeted active ingredients. We’ve selected a few natural ingredients that mattify, hydrate or balance, and are ideal for skin that tends to shine during the day!   

How do you recognize oily skin? 

First of all, it’s important to remember that sebum secretion is a natural process. Sebum is an oily substance that protects the skin, while helping to keep it balanced and maintain an optimal level of hydration. Oily skin, however, produces more sebum than other skin types, which explains why the T-zone is often shiny. The forehead, nose and chin are covered with sebaceous glands, which secrete the sebum our skin needs to protect itself. Oily skin, however, produces more sebum than it needs. This is called hyperseborrhea.     

Hormones, pollution, and even stress can also affect the quality of your skin and make it a little oilier. In fact, it’s not unusual for women to find their skin is more shiny – and more prone to blemishes – just before their period starts. Dilated pores, blackheads and pimples, as well as thick and dull skin, are often the consequence of hyperseborrhea. But there’s no need to panic. It’s perfectly possible to regulate oily skin. You just have to use the right active ingredients!  

What product benefits should people with oily skin look for? 

Despite what you might think, oily skin also needs gentle care. When the skin produces too much sebum, it means that it’s finding it difficult to maintain an optimal level of hydration in order to protect itself against harsh external factors. It needs a perfect balance of hydration and nourishment in order to restore its balance – and keep it balanced!  

To relieve oily skin, look for the following benefits:  

  • Restoring balance, particularly through botanical oils.  
  • Purifying, and preventing the development of bacteria on the skin.    
  • Regulating blemishes, to even out the complexion.  
  • Tightening pores and reducing excess sebum. 
  • Mattifying, to prevent shine in the T-zone during the day.  

Active ingredients to look for 

First of all, give priority to organic ingredients. You want clean, certified-organic formulas that are rich in natural active ingredients – and free of controversial ones – to care for your skin, your health, and the planet! What’s more, organic ingredients are naturally richer in active molecules, as they haven’t undergone irradiation.  

As for skin-balancing active ingredients, you couldn’t do much better than natural botanical oils! These oils help to restore the skin’s balance and protect against dehydration by forming a protective film that helps to prevent the evaporation of moisture from skin tissues. Tulsi Oil, for example, is a truly multi-talented ingredient! It deeply purifies, reduces redness, regulates sebum production, and mattifies without drying the skin. Jojoba and Hazelnut Oils are also excellent for oily skin, as their fine textures sink into the skin without making it feel greasy. They also have a composition similar to that of sebum, enabling them to regulate its production.  


To rid skin of impurities,
 focus on purifying active ingredients such as Zinc. This essential trace element protects against free radicals and the development of bacteria, and even helps to strengthen skin’s defenses, so it’s better able to defend itself against environmental aggressors. And then there’s Propolis – a true “miracle” ingredient! This plant-based resin, which is gathered and processed by bees, is one of the most powerful natural shields that you can find in Nature.   

To help prevent small spots and blemishes from appearing without drying out the skin, put your trust in Tea Tree Essential Oil, which boasts exceptional antiseptic properties. And to prevent scarring, you could use Aloe Vera Gel or Helichrysum and Lemon Balm Hydrosols, which have anti-inflammatory and repairing benefits.  

Finally, because oily skin is prone to open (and therefore more visible) pores, it’s important to use natural active ingredients with astringent and mattifying properties. Sage is perfect: it helps to control sebum production, gently refines skin’s surface texture, and even fights skin aging. Witch Hazel Hydrosol is also a great ingredient for oily skin as it refreshes and tones, while stimulating skin microcirculation and helping to firm skin tissue. White Willow Bark, meanwhile, is ideal for boosting cell renewal, as it contains salicylic acid – a star ingredient in products for blemish-prone skin! And for those difficult times when your skin is really playing up, Elderberry Flower soothes and softens while stimulating microcirculation, for a more even complexion. It’s the ideal ingredient to calm down stressed skin!  

You’ll find these natural active ingredients in Absolution’s certified-organic face creams and other skincare products, which we developed to address the concerns of oily skin.