The benefits of Gua Sha massage

The Gua Sha massage tool is the latest must-have beauty accessory for all skincare fans, addicts and experts! If you’re already familiar with jade rollers or Kobido massage, then you may already know about Gua Sha. Originally from Asia, the Gua Sha massage technique has recently made its mark on the Western beauty scene, as it offers so many benefits for the skin. Find out all about this facial massage and learn how you can do it yourself at home, according to your skin’s needs.

Discover all the benefits of Gua Sha facial massage and learn how to do it at home!

What is Gua Sha massage?

Just like acupuncture, Gua Sha has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, and is primarily renowned for its therapeutic (and not just beauty) benefits. Nowadays, if you hear people talking about Gua Sha, they’re usually talking about the multi-benefit beauty accessory. However, it’s important to remember that in the East, this is a tool that’s used in alternative medicine.

Loosely translated, the Chinese term “Gua Sha” means to “scrape away fever” or “disease.” It helps to relieve physical pain (in the muscles or joints, for example) through vigorous scraping strokes. Gua Sha is even used to fight stress and fatigue. If you’re a city dweller, these are probably everyday problems you know only too well!

As with many energizing massages derived from alternative medicine, traditional Gua Sha massage acts on lymphatic circulation in order to remove toxins, promote drainage and stimulate blood circulation. It’s said that when the body rids itself of bad energies, aches and pains go away.

The traditional Gua Sha method involves using a “spatula” made from buffalo horn to massage the skin, but over time, the Gua Sha tool has been adjusted and modernized. Now it can be held easily in the palm of the hand, as it’s mostly used for massaging the face (especially in the West). It’s also made from finer materials, such as jade or quartz.

At Absolution, our Gua Sha tool is made from rose quartz – the stone of love and peace, and said to have soothing and detoxifying benefits. 

The benefits of Gua Sha for the face

A Gua Sha facial massage is a must-do massage if you want to boost circulation, restore radiance and stimulate cell renewal. All these benefits make it perfect for fighting the signs of aging. It delivers results quickly (within weeks when used for a few minutes every day) and the Gua Sha tool is simple to use. Each “side” has been specially designed for a specific area of the face. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate this ancient beauty ritual into your modern skincare routine.

More luminous skin

Because Gua Sha facial massage helps to improve blood circulation, it helps to restore radiance to the skin. Skin tissues are better oxygenated and cells are regenerated, so it’s perfect if you want to get an instant healthy glow. By working deep down to stimulate blood circulation, Gua Sha massage also helps to fight fatigue and stress.

Detoxified, healthier-looking skin

Gua Sha can be recommended for anyone whose skin is prone to blemishes. By draining away toxins every day, it acts as a detox massage. It removes impurities from the skin, so they no longer sit on its surface. As a result, blackheads, spots and irregularities gradually fade.

Younger-looking skin for longer

Gua Sha massage is an excellent technique to help prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, and to fight the damaging effects of aging. It activates acupressure points that help to tone and firm the skin’s support muscles, thus helping to effectively combat loss of firmness, particularly around the jawline.

You may be wondering why it’s so important to stimulate facial muscles with the Gua Sha massage. Well, one reason why the skin of your face ages faster than that of the rest of your body is because the skin here is so closely attached to the muscles. Stimulating these muscles has an instant firming effect that helps to combat sagging and prevent the appearance of signs of aging. Gua Sha can also help to even out skin tone.

Rested eyes

When Gua Sha massage is used around the eyes, it boosts microcirculation and harmonizes energy flows. This helps to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness. 

A rose quartz Gua Sha tool for all skin types

The specific shape of the Gua Sha tool enables it to glide easily around all the angles of your face and along facial contours. A Gua Sha tool with soft, rounded edges can be used on all skin types, even the sensitive ones. At Absolution, our Gua Sha tool is made from rose quartz, which has a particular symbolism and very specific properties. Considered to be the stone of love and peace, it helps to calm and soothe, reduce stress, and relieve physical tensions. The energy from rose quartz is also ideal for dispelling toxic, negative thoughts and making a connection with universal love.

How to massage your face with a Gua Sha tool

While you can enjoy a professional Gua Sha facial massage at a spa or salon, if you want long-lasting benefits, it’s best to use this technique as often as possible. Hold your Gua Sha tool in your hand and glide it over your face with long, slow strokes, always working outward from the center. Repeat several times, paying particular attention to the eye area, the bridge of the nose and along the cheeks. Don’t forget the jawline and facial contours. 


Apply some oil to your face before you start, such as the Addiction oil. This will allow the tool to glide smoothly and easily over your skin, plus the benefits of the oil will be enhanced by the massage. So, now you know all about the benefits of Gua Sha facial massage, isn’t it time you tried it for yourself?