Eva Gaillot

Vegan food designer

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Her story...


Culinary creator, self-taught and passionate about vegeterian cuisine, plants and ayurveda after living in India, Eva Gaillot created The French Coconut in 2015 to share her passion, recipes and discoveries.
“By creating The French Coconut, I wanted to inspire and offer enthusiasm for vegan cuisine, to show that it can be at the same time, gourmet, healthy and pleasant, to recall the importance of seasonal, organic and local products and a return to homemade. For me nothing is better than a natural diet and lifestyle”.

In her first recipe book, ‘Ma Cuisine Vegan du Soleil’, published last June, Eva draws her inspiration from the traditional Provencal cuisine of her childhood. She makes us discover the Provencal and Mediterranean flavours in a vegetarian version with fresh, colourful and gourmet recipes combining simplicity and conviviality as well as pleasure.

Find out more about Eva by reading her Beauty Interview and follow her on Instagram to discover all her recipes @thefrenchcoconut.

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