Khandiz Joni

Conscious Beauty Creator

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Her story...


Khandiz is a multidisciplinary artist and teller of sustainability stories.
Her work centres around five key themes; exploring cultural differences and similarities, understanding the psychology of beauty, dismantling perfectionism and doing more with less and sustaining.

As a makeup artiste, Khandiz has been working with eco-conscious products and practices since 2012 but has been doing hair and makeup for film, fashion, beauty, and advertising for 20 years. She specialises in high concept looks using natural, organic, ethical products that push the boundaries of the ‘clean beauty’ narrative.
She is a founding member of Conscious Beauty Union.

She is also the editor of Untainted Magazine and is a guest speaker offering her opinion as an expert panellist on the topics of; conscious beauty, freelancing, ethics in the beauty industry and sustainability & environmental practices in business.

“I strive to create work that makes an impact and inspires others to see the world through a different lens.”

Find out more about Khandiz by reading her Beauty Interview and follow her on Instagram @khandiz.

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