September’s female archetype : The Healer, The one that heals

Encountering the female archetypes, an initiatory journey to connect with one’s changing cyclical feminine nature. September’s female archetype: The Healer, the one that heals.

The Healer takes over in September when the sun’s rays turn golden and it is time to harvest the fruits that the earth has generously offered us.

The Healer serves                    

She chooses to dedicate her life to a great cause. She has a sense of her mission: to repair the hearts, bodies and minds of living beings. She vows to restore harmony by supporting the path of others. She serves those who are wounded by life, heals their pain and creates the right circumstances for their healing.

Photo credit : Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

The Healer knows that it is not she who heals

She never takes credit for the healings. She understands that it is not she who heals others, but nature.

She facilitates healing by creating an environment conducive to awareness so that her patients can see the cause of their symptoms. For the healing process is innate in all living beings. A leaf torn from a tree will grow back naturally, a cut on a child’s skin will heal on its own without the need for adult intervention. The Healer helps, encourages, assists, and cares to promote this self-healing process.

The Healer is clean and organised

She is methodical and makes sure that the space in which she practices is perfectly clean and tidy. She makes sure that everything is in its place.

She knows that the environment and hygiene play key roles in the healing process. She pays attention to the smells, the lights, the choice of food she uses to heal.

Photo credit : Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

She is pragmatic, with a logical and rational mind, and at the same time, she relies on the great mystery of life. Sometimes method and science can do nothing in the face of life’s depths. And when this is the case, the Healer does not force fate, she draws on her spirituality to accept things as they are.

The Healer is attracted to sacred remedies

Grandmother’s recipes, herbalism, spells, invocations, concoctions, unctions, ointments…, she is fascinated by the world of sacred remedies . She researches, questions, experiments to find her medicine.

She often has healing hands, a heightened magnetism and a highly developed third eye which enable her to find cures where others have failed.

Photo crédit : Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

Here are some questions to extend your reflection alone or with your loved ones:

With compassion and kindness, name one of your sacred wounds (illness, abandonment, grief, rejection…).

  • How was it caused? By whom?
  • How has this wound helped you to develop or to understand others?
  • How do you treat yourself (naturopathy, homoeopathy, allopathy, etc.)?
  • What therapeutic practices are you most attracted to (hypnosis, reiki, acupuncture, etc.)? And why?
  • How do you react when you are confronted with life’s great trials (loss, suffering, illness, death)?

Taken from my book “Femme Prêtresse” (Woman & Priestess), published by Editions Leduc, 2021

Healer’s Ritual

The Healer is the one who brings balance to the heart, body and mind. It is said that her hands are magical, that they heal the wounds of the soul. For this Healer’s Ritual, you are invited to unleash the healing power in your hands to create your own medicine.

  1. Sitting cross-legged in the middle of nature, take a few deep breaths to anchor yourself in the present moment. In your hands are acupuncture points that correspond to different organs. With kindness and softness, caress your hands, observe them, massage every inch of them to stimulate your whole body and bring relief.
  2. Put your hands together in front of your chest and, palm to palm, rub them in an up and down motion. After a short minute, gradually move them away from each other, still with palms facing each other, and feel the energy communicating between them.
  3. Every physical or mental injury has a reason to exist. They are there to teach us the lessons of life, to question our deepest being. If you have a wound, place your two palms at the level of your physical pain, at the level of your forehead if you wish to soothe your mind, or at the level of your heart if you wish to give yourself love, and transmit the energy you have created with your healing hands.
  4. Recite carefully: “I see you, I honour your teaching and I facilitate your transformation”. In this way, you accompany the pain to allow it to evolve, to free itself and to make you stronger.

Remember your divine power and connection!

The Healer comes into your life to help you transform your wounds into sacred teaching. It is said that the greatest healers are those who have been wounded. They usually become experts in the sector related to their wound.

The Healer teaches you that the pains and hurts that come your way invite you to restore harmony and balance in your life.

Photo credit : Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama