Isabelle Carron

Founder of Absolution

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Her story...


20 years in communication – time to visit it on every floor, she set up her own strategy, creation and branding agency in 2006 then, in 2009, unconscious ( or far-sighted) she jumped into the unknown by creating Absolution, an organic, unisex, customizable skincare brand that is now sold in about twenty countries.

3 children and a beautiful daughter, a lover, countless books waiting to be read, a champion of the most diverse MOOC registrations, an absolute gourmet capable of cooking when she comes back from the office at 11pm (yes, yes, her children live on Spanish time!), passionate about plants that she lists to discover their virtues, Sunday runner, kundalini explorer, balcony grower, family and office doctor with countless vials, probably from la la land, she loves (maybe too much) natural wine, Bujo adept, in coffee detox, #goinggrey adept and fan of Sophie Fontanelle, she loves to build castles in the air … and sometimes realizes them.

Find out more about Isabelle by reading her Beauty Interview.
Follow Isabelle on Instagram @almaazula and discover her creations on @absolution_cosmetics.

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