August’s female archetype: The Wild Woman, the one who releases us

Female archetypes, an introduction to connecting with your ever-changing, cyclic feminine nature. July’s female archetype: the Mother, the one who creates life.

On a summer afternoon, when the sun reveals its power, and the heat is numbing. Nature offers its bright colors. In the distance, one can hear a rhythmic tone, it is the Wild Woman banging her drum. Vibrant and sweaty. She merges with her instinctive primary animal nature.

©Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

The Wild Woman is like an animal           

She is a guardian of nature and deeply connected to all wild beings.

Nature is her sacred temple. She is feline and brute. Her feet are sometimes covered with earth and her hair is tousled by the wind.

She howls with the wolves on full moon nights. She runs in the woods, the spirit of the animals flows in her veins, her heart is wild and her soul is free.

The Wild Woman is indomitable

©Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

Her energy is like lightning: one can neither channel her nor stop her. Just as one fears lightning and its irreversible impact, the Wild Woman has a powerful and intimidating nature. If one tries to domesticate her, it will only increase her desire for freedom. And if one tries to cage her, you will only agitate her. She will bare her claws and fangs because the Wild Woman rumbles with anger. She has been kept on a leash for too long that now, she will not compromise with her true nature.  

The Wild Woman is erotic

©Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

She is connected to her whole body. She is playful and sensual. Her sexuality is liberated.

She gives herself over to the pleasures of life. Her magnificence is penetrating. And her eroticism as formidable as volcanic energy.

The Wild Woman is passionate

Despite her impressive character, she has a warm and generous nature. Like the lioness or tigress, she is as fierce than she is loving. She makes us take risks to reconnect with our deepest passions. She wants to awaken our ardors and our desires. She wants to nurture our lives with glorious and dazzling adventures!

The Wild Woman dances to the rhythm of her own drum

©Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

She is unique. She follows her heart which, like a drum, gives the rhythm to her life’s anthem. She follows her body which is the metronome of her breath. She has created her own melody and makes no apologies for the noise she creates.

These questions will help you reflect further, either alone or with those close to you:

How do you feel when you read the following words: “wild“, “free“, “passionate“, “desiring“, “indomitable“, “rebellious“?                  

  • Do you allow yourself to be impulsive and primal?          
  • Is there something in your wild and instinctive nature that scares you?
  • Could it be that in some areas of your life you have imprisoned your Wild Woman? If so, how could you release her?
  • In a society that has smoothed, domesticated, and leashed women for centuries, do you understand the anger of the Wild Woman?     

Taken from my book “Femme Prêtresse” (Woman & Priestess), published by Editions Leduc, 2021

Ritual : Getting naked in nature

Society’s ethical codes imprison your wild nature and breed modesty and repression. You need to break free! The ritual is simple, you just have to get naked in front of nature to find your true nature. Presenting yourself in front of  Mother Nature without any clothes is an act of reverence and respect for her.

©Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

Find a place in nature where you feel safe and where you will not be disturbed. This can be a place you know well, a river, a lake, the sea, etc. Get undress without embarrassment, braving your reserve and decency.

When you are completely naked, focus your attention on your sex. Notice the sensations you can feel with the air, wind, earth or water. Your sex is hidden and covered all the time. It needs to see the light in order to free itself. Let the light caress it and bathe it. Let it breathe. 

The exercise may seem difficult at first, the mind gets in the way and gives you all sorts of anxieties: “What if someone sees me?” or “You know you’re not allowed to do that?” Let your thoughts go and settle into your legitimacy.

You have the right to be a Wild Woman! 

Feel your self-control gradually dissipate to let pride and nonchalance take over your mind. Get into communion with nature. Be careful, when the mind clears, this ritual can become addictive because of the  freedom and well-being it brings you!