Everyday’s Beauty, the beauty that raises our spirit.

It’s the beginning of a new day, with its many possibilities. Life starts again, offering us a new chance to create, to learn, to share, to marvel…to grasp everyday’s Beauty.   

Children naturally wake up with enthusiasm, ready to experience life, to appreciate things on the time. They live in the present, enjoy playing, walking, drinking hot chocolate, having a warm bath, being read an exciting story. They managed to put aside unpleasant moments, once they are over. For these many reasons, they are radiant and so touching to our eyes. They are deeply inspired by life.  But aren’t we, at the end of the day, big children, just too busy to slow down and feel things ? Too caught up in the weight of responsibility to give ourselves the gift of the enchantment of a moment of our own. Indeed, this inspiration, this beauty that surrounds us, cannot exist in a mind overwhelmed by stimuli and lowered by negative emotions.  

For example, my son, inspires me to reconnect to the Beauty of an instant and to enjoy simple things. His spontaneous joy of seeing me when he wakes up, when I tell him the lunch menu, or the afternoon activity, his big smile when he goes to school, tastes his favourite compote or chooses a movie on Friday night. His pleasure when a friend arrives or when we listen to music together in the evening… these “little things” that are by no means small, but are so important to nourish the soul. It brings me back to the beauty that is omnipresent in our lives, when we choose to observe it and welcome it.   

Beauty, in all its forms, is deeply emotional for the human being, and always linked to feelings. Beauty inspires us ! Beauty is a stimulating, energizing energy, it is the driving force of our existence. Perhaps, this can naturally be explained by the most “beautiful” phenomenon in the world: love.   

Isn’t it our ultimate oxygen?   

I can only share my subjective point of view. Beauty is obviously very personal, if it’s linked to feelings… and I feel that beauty is everything that up lifts me and brings me the momentum of life:

The beauty of authenticity. The beauty of truth. The beauty of naturalness. The beauty of sincerity. The beauty of alignment. The beauty of love. The beauty of support. The beauty of caring. The beauty of vulnerability. The beauty of dreaming. The beauty of a fleeting moment. The beauty of a promise kept. The beauty of friendship. The beauty of renewal. The beauty of a new chance. The beauty of solidarity. The beauty of inspiration. The beauty of courage. The beauty of freedom. The beauty of security. The beauty of innocence. The beauty of maturity. The beauty of confidence. The beauty of sharing. The beauty of a child… 

The beauty of a hand in another. The beauty of waking up. The beauty of summer. The beauty of winter. The beauty of inspiring reading. The beauty of a melody that stirs the heart. The beauty of a tender kiss. The beauty of the wind in your hair. The beauty of a sunray. The beauty of the sea. The beauty of a meal prepared with love. The beauty of a fruit. The beauty of a cat. The beauty of the colours of the sky at dawn. The beauty of fragrances that evoke a memory. The beauty. The beauty. The beauty. The beauty of life…