October’s female archetype: The Sacred Wife, the one who unites

Encountering the female archetypes, an initiatory journey to connect with one’s changing cyclical feminine nature. October’s female archetype: The Sacred Wife, the one who unites.

The Wife welcomes us at the gates of the autumnal equinox, the passage that symbolizes the meeting between day and night. Thus, she holds the sacred space of balance between the light (spring-summer) and dark (fall-winter) halves of the year.

Her soul invites us to harmonize with grace and fairness. She carries the symbol of the scales of justice which represents union and impartiality.

The Wife brings harmony

This great aesthete is fascinated by elegance. She pays attention to details: the tone of the light, the temperature of the air, the mix of perfumes and fragrances. She arranges the spaces in which she finds herself with delicacy and refinement. She is a priestess of harmony and resonance.

She appreciates sophistication and finds satisfaction in perfection. She may have difficulty seeing the beautiful in the simple and natural moments of life.

The Wife is romantic

She is the guardian of marriage and sentimental relationships. She attaches considerable importance to a harmonious home, which for her represents the temple of love.

She is sensitive, compassionate and empathetic. Her human relationships are sacred bonds that she weaves with courtesy and finesse. Her good education sometimes prevents her from succeeding in detaching herself from relationships that have become harmful or toxic.

The Wife is a tightrope walker

She is in search of balance and alignment. Attracted by symmetry and geometric figures, she may show an appetite for body and meditative gymnastics that structure the body and mind. Concentration and precision are qualities she values. She aspires to the elevation of her soul.

Photo credit: Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama
Photo credit: Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

The Wife is reconciled

Her pacifist qualities guide her towards reconciliation. She seeks to marry herself in her entirety. She unites her light and shadow in a sacred alliance. She marries her masculine and feminine, her yin and yang, her fire and water. She unites all that opposes her internally in a divine marriage.

Photo credit : Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama
Photo credit : Delphine Joly, Yoga Photorama

Here are some questions to extend your reflection alone or with your loved ones:

  • How do you feel the yin and yang polarities of your personality?
  • When conflict arises, can you hear an opposing point of view?
  • Do you have a binary view of life with a strong opinion on certain issues?
  • Do you believe that impartiality is an effective tool for achieving peace?
  • Do you sometimes suppress what is in your heart for the sake of diplomacy?
  • Are you indecisive?

Excerpt from the book Femme Prêtresse, Editions Leduc 2021

Yin & Yang balancing ritual

#1 In front of your altar or a candle, take a moment to centre yourself and clear your mind. Connect to the Yin energy, invoke the Great Goddess. Let her take her place in your heart.

#2 With a pen, write down your definition of a balanced sacred feminine. What are the attributes of a harmonious feminine for you? What qualities, behaviours, representations are associated with a fulfilled feminine?

#3 Again, take a moment to come back into yourself and, this time, invoke the Yang energy, the Great God. Write on your paper what a balanced sacred masculine evokes in you. What are the qualities, attitude or image you have of a fulfilled masculine?

#4 Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and, in silence, visualize the symbol of Yin and Yang. The black represents the Yin and carries your harmonious sacred feminine. White represents the Yang and carries your balanced divine masculine. Out loud, repeat three times: “I unite my divine masculine with my sacred feminine. I embrace all parts of my being.”

The Wife emerges to bring you her temperance and sense of balance. She asks you to explore the nature of your relationships with others and with yourself. She invites your soul to reconciliation to lift you up to divine harmony and equanimity.