All you need to know about our new prices

When I created Absolution in 2009, my mission was to offer made in France, fair-priced products that could mix quality, efficiency and generous formulas with an eco-designed packaging. Absolution was never meant to be a luxury brand that only a few lucky people could afford: our quality must be accessible to as many people as possible.

Since 2021, and more importantly in the last few months, we have been facing (like so many other brands) a price increase in different areas:

  • Raw materials +15%
  • Packaging +15%
  • Transports and logistics +30%
  • Production +20%

We absorbed the costs as much as we could, but today, we are unfortunately forced to raise our prices in order to maintain a steady production and keep Absolution up and running.

We intend to remain an accessible brand, so we will keep supporting most of the costs, and the products that haven’t been reproduced yet are still available at the same price.

The price changes will be effective September 7th, so you have time to purchase your favorites if needed.

Some good news are also on the way for our eshop customers: the loyalty rewards program is evolving, and there will be new ways to collect rewards, therefore to save up on your next orders.

We will tell you more about this very soon in our newsletter and on Instagram.

Thank you for always being by our side! Isabelle Carron, founder of Absolution.