How to cultivate our mental well-being and inner beauty to look great outside ? #glowfrominsideout

Have you ever looked at beauty in a total different way ? 

We talk about this beauty, but often about topical beauty, external beauty but what about our “inner self” ? Because we often say that the way we feel inside makes what we look like : why wouldn’t it be the same for beauty ?  

Indeed, what we call « inner peace » can be a key factor of our external beauty : we are talking about feeling good in our body but also feeling good about our self. Here is why this expressiontakes on full meaning…  

The skin is a protective organ, the largest organ of our body : it represents approximately 1,70 square meters of the body surface and about 15% of our body weight. Its composed of 3 layers : the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis ; their function is to protect us from theenvironment, the pollution, the oxidation and the sun (UVA-UVB) thanks to the production of melanin.  

The cosmetic products we apply directly on our skin are very important : they can be, beneficial, well tolerated by our skin but can also cause allergic reactions or irritations. Our skin is a kind of filter, an indicator of what is good or not for it.  


But inside onself, deep inside our subconscious mind, our emotions, there are phenomena that can also cause some skin reactions, sometimes violent reactions. Such as eczema, zoster or psoriasis, that often have psychological and psychic causes. What we look like is the reflection of how we feel.

Stress, a latent uneasy feeling or even a food allergy can lead to these skin reactions : it’s oftenone of the major factor leading to these symptoms, because the skin and the other organs are very connected. Our skin reflects our emotions, it’s what we call an “emunctory” : it’s an organ thatremoves waste products, but also bacteria or feelings that can be toxic to our body.   

It’s therefore important not to underestimate its function : it’s essential to focus on it and to take care of it regularly. There are different ways of doing it :  

  • By using the right skincare products : #clean products, natural, without toxic compounds or hormone disruptors. This way, your skin will look good, supple and hydrated on the long term.  
  • By eating properly and taking food supplements : you will look good, healthy and get this #glowfrominsideout. Your diet helps the collagen production, maintains the hydrolipid film or also the melanin’s organization (while tanning).  
  • By practicing physical or spiritual activities daily : such as a Pilate or Yoga,  or meditation, can reduce stress and therefore our body and skin irritations. Combined with CBD oil for example, it reduces the level of stress hormones called “cortisol” after aphysical and muscular effort, and so, helps a better muscle recovery and heals skin irritations.  


The skin is a part of our body that we must really look after just like the other organs : it also has a tactile and sensory dimension which participates in the awakening of our other senses. It’sthrough the skin that we come into contact with each other, that feelings of desire and fleshdevelop : feeling each other, feeling for and touching each other in every sense of the term. One’s skin’s smell is very addictive, and stimulates a lot of hormones as endorphin, that make us feel great, relax completely, which is very intoxicating.  

I like this sensual aspect of our skin : I like applying and massaging oils on my skin… drooping a few drops of perfume on my skin, which will spread a very personal smell with heat, and will stay for a while.  

It’s this personnal aspect, this inner well-being that allows us to glow :  

Glow is linked to happiness, to this #beautyfrominsideout.  

Glow : it’s this state of mind that pushes us to cultivate this well-being, this inner light that makesus stronger, that allow us to overcome life’s challenges, to show that we have this energy within us ready to change our everyday life ! What image do we want to five to our relatives, to ourfriends and family ?  

Glow : it’s this desire to shine, to share, to give, thanks to a positive and communicative energy.That shows us what we look like or what the others see of us, with a different perspective that sends us back our own image. Because we have this light and warmth within ourselves that just want to be renewed to warm up everything around us.

Glow : it’s this natural and fresh beauty filled with light, gold and that we have when we feel relaxed, peaceful and harmonious. After a walk on the beach, an afternoon spent in the sun, after making love, after a kiss. This fullness and fulfillment feeling « the perfect moment, in the perfect place at the perfect time ». 

In cosmetics, the #glow is also using products that make you look good, like after a week of holiday : simple products, cold-pressed plant oils, food supplements, a nude makeup : everything that can help you have a lovely skin texture, clear and natural.  

Take to time to be kind towards yourself, to listen to your body, to your skin and spirit : be happy! Enjoy now, because no one knows if it will happen again… 

It’s my philosophy : I feel things, I listen to my body, my instinct, deep within me, #inmygut, to enjoy each of the precious moment, that life gives us.  

Loving life, loving others, and above all loving oneself…  

« Feeling good about yourself,  accepting who we are, letting the wind on your face » 

Paule Salomon  (Corps Vivant, 1983