Beauty Interview with Aurélie Chavas : “When you feel aligned, you glow inside and outside…”

Aurélie is passionated about beauty and just launched her beauty podcast « Let’s Glow Green ». She shares with us her joy and her way to bring Beauty to the world daily.

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty helped you or healed you ?

Last time, some time ago, a kind of “beauty gesture” comforted me, gave me confidence. It was during the creation of my cosmetic podcast (@Lets_Glow_Green I just launched it). A friend, one I love very much told me, that what I was doing was good, that I was a good person, that I needed to follow my feelings and what I’ve created because it had a real value and was so useful. That made me feel good, feel aware and confident, giving me strength and courage in this weird and difficult period. That made me feel good: because when you feel aligned, you glow inside and outside

How do you bring more Beauty to the world?

With some everyday actions: “take care” and help people we cherish, be present in the good days and in the bad days, have a sustainable behaviour towards our planet, our environment. We need to protect diversity and wealth of nature…

Do you believe that Beauty will save us? How?

Beauty will help us in our way to face the world, our future, our relation with other people: we need to react with kindness, be grateful, be positive. Always have in mind that what we’re doing today, will have consequences tomorrow…

If I say Beauty, what do you think of?

I’m thinking about natural beauty, sensuality, holistic beauty… A skin to skin contact, a touch… Thinking about a face and a body that glow from inside out, balanced…

Do you remember the first thing that amazed you as a child ?

Yes I remember very well: it’s when I first came to my grandmother’s house at Pyla Dune (in Arcachon, South of France). This dune is so amazing, with white sand and an ocean view: from that moment, I fell in love with this bleue immensity.

Where does Beauty hide? Can it be found in the most ordinary things?

Theophile Gautier said: “What is beautiful is useless“. Beauty is truly unnecessary but it gives us tenderness, kindness and this lightweight feeling we need in our daily life.

What is your motto or philosophy in life to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled?

“Be the woman you’ve always wanted to be, express yourself and love yourself, no matter what people think about!”

What feeling does Beauty arouse in you? Could you describe it?

It’s a feeling that gives me chills, an inward warmth, that makes me realize a place’s beauty, a person’s beauty, the beauty of a unique moment.