Beauty interview with Clémentine Lévy : “The most important thing in order to feel beautiful is to be surrounded by the right people”

As a floral designer, Clémentine Lévy approaches beauty on a daily basis, through flowers, their colours and scents. She is a lovely person, far beyond her profession. As a new mum, Clémentine discovers that beauty can be hidden in the new sensations of motherhood, in the good vibes given by the ones she loves, in the exchanges on social networks. Even the peonies, her favourite flowers that are the source of so much in her life, are the most beautiful metaphor of her life, beautiful day after day.

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty helped you or healed you?

The last time that Beauty helped me was actually thanks to Instagram! I was browsing through it when I saw a painting by Botticelli that I love. It’s called Primavera (meaning “Spring”), and I had been lucky enough to see it for real in Florence, almost two years ago. It had been a revelation for me. I spent an hour looking at that painting. I find it so moving and beautiful, and seeing it again really made me feel good. We all have our ups and downs, and just seeing something beautiful again, like this painting, can make you feel so much better!

When I think of the word Beauty, I think of peonies. Or, to be more precise, peonies toward the end of their life…

Clémentine Lévy

How do you bring more Beauty to the world?

I try to bring more Beauty to the world as simply as I can through my work as a floral designer. I love this job more than anything, and I’ve been doing it for four years now. When I create my floral compositions and post them on my social media accounts, I always hope that people will find them beautiful, and that it will add a little something to their day.

If I say beauty, what do you think of?

When I think of the word Beauty, I think of peonies. Or, to be more precise, peonies toward the end of their life, as that’s when their colors are most beautiful. At first, the flowers are very bright, in shades of coral, orange and red, but after a few days, the colors become more pastel, with pale pink and yellow. I think it’s one of the most beautiful phases in a flower’s life. And I find it beautiful that they are so beautiful at the end of their lives. It’s the most beautiful thing!

Do you believe that Beauty will save us? How? 

I hope that Beauty will save us. I really do! One thing I know for sure is that we need Beauty every day. I hope it will override everything else, and that Beauty will always win.

Do you remember the first thing that amazed you as a child?

I think that the first thing that amazed me as a child was a cartoon. I don’t have a specific one in mind, as I must have watched hundreds thanks to my dad, who’s a bit of a geek. I couldn’t get enough of those films! He’d go onto the internet and download lots of them. The magic of those cartoons was definitely the first thing that amazed me.

Where does Beauty hide? Can it be found in the most ordinary things?

Knowing where Beauty hides is purely philosophical. It’s so subjective. Beauty can be hidden anywhere, in any person, in any thing. I think it really depends on your perception of it.

What is your motto or philosophy in life to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled?  

For me, the most important thing in order to feel beautiful is to be surrounded by the right people – people who are kind, and whose kindness is sincere. It’s these people who help you to feel fulfilled. Their role is essential.

What feeling does Beauty arouse in you? Could you describe it?

When I think about Beauty, it’s like all those feelings I had when my son was born. Tears, thrills of happiness, butterflies in my stomach – and in my heart! And this feeling flowed through my entire body! That is what Beauty really feels like.