Beauty interview with Louise Skadhauge « You can find Beauty in everyday, ordinary, simple things ».

Through her photos and her balanced meals, Louise takes us on a journey about Beauty and its benefits. A woman who radiates gentleness, she has this ability to perceive the tiniest details that make up our world. Louise tells us about her perception of beauty, how she sees it and understands it. We loved hearing what she had to say.

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty helped you or healed you?   

The answer is in very simple things. At home, I have blinds, and they play with the light, and there’s a Beauty in the effects with the light and shadows… It’s something that I love to look at.

« Patience, persistence and perseverance ».

Louise Skadhauge

How do you bring more Beauty to the world? 

I express myself through photos and cooking. I love to share stolen moments, things that I find beautiful and that I’m able to capture in a photo. Or it could be ingredients that are bursting with nutritional benefits and flavors. I’ll mix them together and cook them to make something delicious.

If I say Beauty, what do you think of?

For me, a beautiful woman is someone who is comfortable in her own skin. She exudes something – that she knows and understands who she is, and has confidence in herself. Those things are reflected in her daily life, in the fact that she eats, well consumes with care and looks after her skin. These are things that make her feel good and make her glow.

Where does Beauty hide? Can it be found in the most ordinary things?

You can find Beauty in everyday, ordinary, simple things. It could be a play of shadow and light. It could be anything that Nature offers. And you can find Beauty in a gesture, in little things people do. That’s where Beauty is. It’s everywhere!

What is your motto or philosophy in life to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled? 

“Patience, persistence and perseverance.” It’s a state of mind that helps me to believe in myself, to not give up when times are hard, and to do things for myself, for the long term.