A Story of Melody & Rhythm! Q&A with Yamin Alma composer, artist and singer

Can you introduce yourself briefly?  

Hello Beauty Therapy! My name is Yamin Alma, I’m a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist,  born and raised in France. I have always been a performer, really since the age of three when my parents decided my education would be through the Music Conservatory. In 2013, I moved to London for a few years while working on my first album “Into The Blue”. The past couple of years have been a whirl-wind of traveling, life-changing experiences and lots of inspiration. Amidst all this, I released a 5 track EP called “Love Ascension”, and am currently working on my next EP and a few other projects. For now, I have settled back in the South France pre-pandemic to renovate an old family property and bring new life to a treasure that was once my grandfathers and great-grandfathers.  

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty helped you or healed you?  

In 2018, I went through a severe depression and one night, at my country house in France (the one I am currently renovating), a small hungry and scared fox came up to me; I gave him some figs from our tree. At that moment, we began to have a relationship, he would come back every evening like my little fairy friend. Through this blossoming new connection, I felt closer to Nature and more human. He and I were learning to trust each other without fears and unknowns holding us back. It has been two years now and he still pays me a visit every day, and sometimes even falling asleep by my side. 

How do you bring more Beauty to the world?  

As a musician, I bring beauty to the world through music. Every time I get on stage, I try to be as sincere as I can with my crowd, giving all I have, wherever it may be; whether a small coffee or a festival. Performing is putting yourself in an extreme place of vulnerability, you have to stand and play in front of people without fear of judgements. You have to show yourself, reveal parts of yourself, face all the faces and just share. For me, I use this as a place to support and project love most of the times. I find this exchange very inspiring. 

Does the melody or the rhythm come first? Is one more important than the other?  

It depends. Every song has its own process. Usually for me, the melody comes first and then I work on the rhythm. But they are like yin & yang, they both complete each other, the melody gives the rhythm, and the rhythm supports the melody. You cannot take one out. They belong to each other, and you can feel this union when a song is really powerful.  

What does it feel like when the two come together? 

It feels like it’s flowing with perfect harmony. That there is no separation, both parts are fully embracing each other. That’s when it grabs your attention, your emotions, your body, your mind and often makes you want to dance or move or express something. 

Can you remember the first song you wrote? And what is your favorite piece of work of yours to date?  

The first song I wrote was called “When My Mind Plays”,  it was a guitar/voice ballad that I wrote when I was 16. The lyrics were about the freedom I felt while playing music. 

My favorite piece of work of mine… It is a hard question as I like most of the songs I put in my albums. But, if I had to choose a specific one, I would say it is “Love Ascension”, a rocky ballad with an universal message. Often, when I play this song just acoustic or with my band the people like to sing it out loud with me and this is the ultimate feeling for an artist; to give and receive from the crowd. I really love this song and I know I could sing it until the day I stop. 

What project are you working on now and when will you share it with the world? What is its message?

Currently, I am finishing my next EP. I haven’t decided yet when I will release it, probably when the pandemic stops as I cannot play a show for now. This EP is different from what I have done up until now, the songs are way more groovy, up-beat and ready to make your body move. There are different messages in this EP, but with me it always mostly turns around: Love, Freedom, Peace and Beauty. There is also a part of me right now that is discovering some of my first instrument again; the piano, and have been quietly composing and feeling the keys…

This may be a common question, but will you share three of your music hero’s and what do you find beautiful about them? 

I have been listening to a lot of music and my influences have changed so many times. But, I do have a little top 3 to share that have never left my side and their beauty shines for different reasons.  

  • Prince was always so innovative and generous with his art. He was a perfectionist and pushed the limits to the next level. His skills and attitude reshaped an entire generation in singing, playing and dancing.  
  • Bob Dylan was the master of words, fearlessly singing his political opinions to the people and this takes a serious amount of courage. This is beautiful. 
  • Claude Debussy. I find his dedication to music phenomenal. He has been writing some of the most timeless classical piano pieces. The sincerity in his music breaks all boundaries and nobody can deny the feeling of peace you experience while listening to “Clair De Lune”. 
Bob Dylan

Do you believe that Beauty will save us? How?  

Beauty as the power to give somebody a meaning in life, reveal a passion, light up a goal. This way, trying to become a better version of yourself every day, is a very healthy and precious gift beauty can offer us. Also, if we all collectively decide to preserve and cherish what is beautiful: our planet, our air, our oceans, our minds and of course, our music and arts! Then yes, I do believe beauty can save us!  

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