Help ! My skin is sensitive to everything !

Pollution, harsh weather conditions, hormones playing up… All these factors can take a toll on your skin. It needs to be given special care, so it can feel soft and comfortable again. We give you some tips and advice on how to soothe and calm sensitized skin, with long-lasting results.

Identify the source of your skin’s sensitivity

The first step to caring for sensitized skin is finding out what’s making it uncomfortable. Many factors can reduce the skin’s tolerance levels.

The environment. Pollution, sunshine, wind, air conditioning, sudden changes in temperature, etc. Every day, the skin is exposed to harsh environmental elements, and if its hydrolipidic film isn’t strong enough, it will inevitably become more sensitive.

Internal factors. Your skin is an external organ that reflects your internal health, and factors such as stress, emotions, fatigue, smoking, diet, and hormonal changes can affect it directly.

Hygiene. An unsuitable skincare routine and harsh formulas may also disrupt your skin’s balance.

Adopt good lifestyle habits

When your skin loses its balance, it can be incredibly difficult to get it back on track. This isn’t very surprising when you consider the large number of factors that can upset your skin. It’s essential to deal with each of them if you want your skin to be soothed and healthy again.

To calm sensitized skin, start by eating a more balanced diet. Include foods that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin. You should also make sure you drink enough water. When the body lacks water, it calls on its reserves to feed vital organs – and much of the body’s water is stored in the skin. This explains why the first symptoms of dehydration are usually felt in the skin, such as itching, redness, and flushing.

Aim to have an optimal room temperature at home, as this will help to maintain and protect your skin’s hydrolipidic film (and probably save you money on your electricity bills too!). Don’t stay in the shower for too long, and use warm rather than hot water, as the latter can weaken the hydrolipidic film. Once you’ve finished showering, pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing it dry, as this can damage the skin.

For those of you who like to smoke, bear in mind that smoking dulls the complexion, as it reduces the supply of oxygen to cells. If your skin is sensitive or reactive, here’s another good reason to stop smoking: you’ll not just help restore balance to your skin, you’ll also find your complexion looks so much fresher!

Take a closer look at the clothes you wear. Give priority to natural fabrics such as organic cotton and linen, which are less allergenic than synthetic materials. And while we’re on the subject of clothes, try to use an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic laundry detergent. It’s kinder to your skin and the planet.

Finally, minimize your makeup routine so you won’t suffocate your skin, and look for gentle, certified-organic cosmetics that have a much better affinity with your skin.

Choose the right active ingredients

Ingredients tailored to your skin’s needs

Nature is a bountiful source of rich and powerful ingredients, and you’ll find many of them in our products! If you have reactive, sensitive, or dry, easily irritated, atopic skin, there are three types of active ingredients you should look for.

Soothing ingredients that are able to calm the skin – and keep it calm. Opt for creams, oils or serums enriched with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, which has healing and soothing properties. There’s also Sweet Almond oil, which helps to soften delicate skin, and Blue Daisy, rich in anti-irritants and anti-free radical agents. Linden, known for its soothing properties, helps to restore skin’s suppleness, while Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefits.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients, to prevent redness and skin reactions. These include Lemon Balm Hydrosol, with regulating properties, and Helichrysum Hydrosol, which helps to even out skin tone and prevent minor blemishes. There’s also Blond Psyllium, which, when applied to the skin, creates an emollient film, and has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Skin-regenerating and protective ingredients, to help the skin heal, restore its balance, and provide long-lasting protection. You can count on repairing essential oils, such as Fine Lavender or Geranium, or Poria Cocos – an ingredient that helps to restore the skin’s barrier function, protecting it against environmental aggressors and reducing reactivity.