Choosing an organic face cream for men

Why should men use an organic face cream?
When it comes to skincare regimes, men are often – and wrongly – left out. And yet their skin needs to be looked after just as much as women’s does! 

At Absolution, all our skincare products are unisex, but we do have one product that was formulated specifically with men’s skin in mind: La Crème de L’Homme. It’s all in the name…

La Crème de l’Homme

58 €
Pro-age moisturizer dedicated to men
4.8 83 reviews

Men and women are not that different after all!

If you thought that men and women had a completely different skin structure, think again! The only “big” difference is the thickness of the skin, with men’s skin being thicker due to higher testosterone levels. This hormone also makes men’s skin slightly oilier, but that’s about all. Absolution has always developed cosmetic products that are suitable for men and women alike. Natural and certified organic, they’re designed to meet all different needs and address a variety of skin concerns, such as redness, spots, blackheads, dryness, dullness, etc. We have something for everyone’s skin!

Organic face creams for men: care for your skin with natural products

At Absolution, we’re convinced that your skin should always be treated with kindness and respect. That’s why we decided to create products using naturally derived ingredients, and which are certified organic by an independent organization. In keeping with European legislation, none of our products are tested on animals. Absolution’s formulas contain 99.9% naturally derived ingredients, 96% of which are from medicinal plants. On average, 52% of the ingredients in our formulas come from organic farming.

A skincare routine for men

To help men get healthy-looking skin, Isabelle Carron, founder of Absolution, developed a diverse range of skincare products that includes plenty of solutions to meet men’s specific needs. While men don’t normally have to remove makeup in the evening, it’s still very important that they cleanse their skin – especially since men’s skin is often prone to blemishes.



Our facial cleansing gel, Le Nettoyant Pureté, will ensure your skin is thoroughly purified before going to bed! Ideal for anyone whose skin produces too much sebum, this gentle formula contains White Willow, rich in natural salicylic acid, which works to smooth skin’s texture and control shine. In the morning, a quick spray of La Brume Systémique will give your skin an energizing boost, while making it feel comfortable too.

Le Nettoyant Pureté

29 €
Sulfate-free face gel cleanser
4.8 266 reviews


Absolution’s Mix & Match method, which consists of combining two skincare products rich in active ingredients, is perfect for moisturizing men’s skin in the morning. Start with Le Sérum Anti-Soif, which intensely hydrates with its light, non-greasy formula. Follow with La Crème de l’Homme, designed to protect and strengthen the skin from the moment you apply it. This formula is rich in certified-organic virgin botanical oils, including JojobaSesameBaobab and Hemp Seed – which your skin will love!

What about a night cream for men?

At night, opt for La Crème du Soir. This cream is enriched with Magnesium – an active ingredient known for its ability to help muscles relax, so it can help to smooth out expression lines caused by microcontractions. The formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid, to help boost the natural cell regeneration process.

Le Sérum Anti-Soif

40 €
Moisturizing and antioxidant serum
4.8 231 reviews

La Crème de l’Homme

58 €
Pro-age moisturizer dedicated to men
4.8 83 reviews

La Crème du Soir

68 €
De-stressing night cream
4.8 159 reviews

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