How to look after men’s skin

Men’s skin is exposed to the same environmental aggressors and potentially damaging elements as women’s skin, but it does have specific characteristics. The main reason why there are differences between men’s and women’s skin is down to hormones. Men produce testosterone, which makes their skin thicker and tougher – and therefore less sensitive than women’s skin. This also explains why the first signs of aging appear later in men.  

However, thicker skin means more sebum – and sebum can clog pores, leading to blemishes. Harmful factors such as pollution, sun exposure and stress can weaken the skin, but men’s skin can also dry out easily. Why? Because of shaving. This daily act damages the hydrolipidic film, depriving the skin of its natural protection. Its ability to retain moisture is impaired, and it becomes dehydrated.  

Clearly, there are steps that need to be taken every day to care for men’s skin! We tell you how to help keep it soft and healthy.  

Gently exfoliate, to stimulate cell renewal 

The skin cell renewal cycle takes 21 days on average. At the end of this cycle, dead cells build up on the skin and clog pores. This phenomenon, combined with pollution and excess sebum, often leads to blemishes, and a dull, lackluster complexion. The skin feels like it can’t breathe, like it needs a detox.  

The first step to soft, healthy skin is exfoliation, with a face scrub! A scrub is formulated with exfoliating powders or granules, and active ingredients that work to remove impurities from the skin. By exfoliating regularly, you’ll eliminate dead cells, polish away dullness, unclog pores, and draw out impurities.  

To help you care for your face, Absolution created La Crème Gommante – a natural, certified-organic face scrub that stimulates the skin of the face and neck, while helping to boost its elimination and repair mechanisms.  

La Crème Gommante contains Diatomaceous Earth, which is derived from the fossil shells of diatom microalgae. The very fine granules of this natural exfoliant have a rounded form, and lift away dead cells without damaging the skin. La Crème Gommante is also enriched with AHAs – natural acids extracted from Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, Cane Sugar and Maple Sugar. AHAs have an enzymatic action, which means that they “eat away” dead cells on the skin surface without weakening the skin. The combination of these two exfoliation techniques (mechanical and enzymatic) effectively stimulates skin renewal and smoothes the skin’s surface texture, to leave skin feeling softer, and visibly more even toned.  

For best results, use La Crème Gommante once a week (or once every two weeks if skin is sensitive). Apply to clean, slightly damp skin. Leave on for a few minutes, then massage all over your face and neck with circular movements. Rinse well with clean water, then pat your dried skin.  


Tone the skin, to regulate 

After exfoliating and ridding skin of toxins and impurities, the best next step is to use a toner to restore your skin’s balance.  

La Brume Systémique is a bi-phase toner that hydrates, nourishes, and balances. In a few sprays, it delivers freshness, radiance and vitality, while also working to optimize your skin’s protective capacity and the effectiveness of skincare products applied afterwards.  

This skin-balancing formula is based on powerful, natural active ingredients:  

 – Rose Hip (regenerating and antioxidant), rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.  

– Sodium PCA, a humectant that occurs naturally in the skin, and increases epidermal hydration by trapping moisture in cells.  

– Wild Pansy, which helps to regulate sebum production, soothe the skin, and improve the skin-repair process.  

Shake before use. Mist onto the face, then massage to help the active ingredients penetrate the skin. Not only does this toner help to improve the effectiveness of the products that follow; it also leaves skin soft, with a healthy glow. Plus, it makes an excellent after-shave!  

Hydrate and nourish, to soothe 

Now that your skin is prepped, it’s time to hydrate and nourish! The hydrolipidic film is made up of both water and fats, so it’s important not to overlook either hydration or nourishment. Just like you, your skin needs to “drink” as much as it needs to “eat.” A good day or night cream should give your skin the hydration it needs, while working to regulate sebum production and prevent skin aging.  

A true antioxidant treatment for all skin types, La Crème Beau Jour is a natural and certified organic product that protects, repairs, and tones, while leaving the skin matte. After application, your skin appears visibly smoother and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced. 

In this wonderful moisturizer, you will find:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: This is the “gel” that our body naturally produces, which lodges between the epidermal cells to keep them tightly together. Unfortunately, over time, our little factory slows down: by the age of 50, the epidermis contains only 50% of its initial reserves, and the skin loses its elasticity. The plant-based Hyaluronic Acid we have chosen is obtained through the bio-fermentation of corn with a lactic bacterium, without any chemical solvents, ensuring constant purity and quality.
  • Chaga: Like all adaptogens, Chaga helps your body—and your skin—better resist environmental stressors. This mushroom, which grows on birch trees, has an extraordinary composition: it is the most antioxidant-rich superfood in the plant world! It is also rich in beta-glucans, which have the ability to stimulate your immune defenses and protect your cells’ DNA while reducing inflammatory processes. A valuable ally for urban living!
  • Patchouli: You will never look at Patchouli the same way again! The extract we have chosen is unique and has been selected for its “CBD-like” properties, meaning it acts on the cannabinoid receptors in your skin just like CBD does, offering the same benefits: increased skin comfort, reduced irritations, regulated sebum production, decreased imperfections, and stimulated skin endorphins. In other words, a radiant mood for your epidermis!

Press once on the top of the pot to dispense just the right amount, then apply to face and neck with upward strokes. This cream can even be used on beards – if they’re not too long!  

To complete your skincare routine, why not use a serum tailored to your skin’s needs, combining it with your face cream? As men’s skin is often dehydrated due to shaving, we recommend adding a drop of Le Sérum Anti-Soif to your moisturizer. This deep rehydrating serum, with its light, non-oily texture, replenishes skin with moisture and hydrates for up to eight hours. It leaves skin feeling soft and helps to keep it perfectly matte.  

If you’d like some more tips that you can put into practice, so you can enjoy softer skin every day, discover our routine for men’s skin and learn more about men’s specific skincare needs.   

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