How to reduce redness on the face

Stress, pollution, UV rays, poor lifestyle habits, inappropriate skincare products… They can all cause the skin of your face to redden. If your skin’s feeling sensitive or playing up, the most important thing to do is to give it plenty of soothing care! We give you some tips and advice to relieve redness and calm your skin.

Understand the cause of the redness

Internal and external factors

Have you already experienced that sensation when you can feel the blood rise to your cheeks? Heat, cold, physical exertion, stress, embarrassment, alcoholic drinks, and even spicy foods can often trigger redness in the face. While this is something that may just happen occasionally, when it does, it’s difficult to control. And it’s a sign of over-sensitive blood vessels.

Sensitive skin types

If your skin is often red, it’s because it’s sensitive. Everyday signs and symptoms of sensitive skin include feelings of discomfort or tightness, red patches, and increased reactivity. If this sounds familiar, then make sure you use skincare products rich in calming and soothing active ingredients that will restore comfort to your skin – and keep it comfortable!

Skin conditions

There are different types of skin redness, from simply flushing to rosacea. The latter is a skin disorder that affects the blood vessels. Here’s how to identify the different types:

  • Flushing, or blushing, is an occasional redness that mostly occurs as a result of heat or stress.
  • In the case of permanent redness on the cheeks, nose, and sometimes the forehead and chin, we talk about erythrosis.
  • In rosacea, the symptoms are the same as those of erythrosis, but you’ll also see small blood vessels near the surface of the skin.
  • Finally, if you have small red spots, similar to acne, on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, this is called acne rosacea.

Skin redness can also be caused by allergic reactions to certain foods or cosmetic products, or be due to eczema or rashes. If the redness persists, you should seek advice from a dermatologist, who will be able to give a precise diagnosis.

Adopt a new, calming skincare routine

If you’re suffering from skin redness, you need to rethink your beauty routine and focus on soothing and calming benefits.

Gently remove makeup and cleanse

Sensitive and reactive skin types need lots of gentle care. So, when it comes to cleansing the skin and removing makeup, it’s best to use “oily” formulas, such as oils, gel and creams rich in softening ingredients. In the evening, when you apply your makeup remover and cleanser, gently massage your skin with circular movements, making sure you don’t rub too hard. Rinse with either lukewarm or cold water. You should avoid hot water at all costs if your skin is sensitive!

Don’t use harsh scrubs

To rid your skin of any lingering impurities, it’s best to avoid both chemical and mechanical exfoliants. Opt for a Konjac sponge instead! This little sponge is ideal for exfoliating the skin very gently, and can be used with water alone. If you want a deeper purifying action, use it with Le Nettoyant Pureté.

La Brume Systémique

Soothe with a toner

After cleansing, use a gentle toner to soothe your skin and counteract the drying effect of hard water. By completing your cleansing routine with a mild, alcohol-free toner, you’ll deliver kind, caring ingredients to your skin, while also prepping it for further skincare products. There are lots of different toners, so choose one that works for you. We recommend a floral water, such as Chamomile or Linden hydrosols, both of which have soothing properties. Alternatively, you could use La Brume Systémique – a certified-organic, bi-phase mist that soothes your skin while also refreshing, revitalizing and nourishing.

Moisturize with products that calm and soften

Another way to support your sensitive or reactive skin is to use a highly hydrating and protective cream such as La Crème Beau Jour. In the evening, opt for a more complete skincare routine. In place of your usual nighttime moisturizer, try La Crème du Soir mixed with a few drops of our Addiction oil. This caring combination will work to comfort and repair your skin all night long.

To complete your soothing, anti-redness skincare routine, take a look at all our products that suit sensitive skin!

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