The benefits of hyaluronic acid for your face

Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating powerhouse that’s used in countless pro-aging skincare products for the face. So you probably won’t be surprised to learn that we’ve included this multi-benefit ingredient in many Absolution products, several of which are designed more specifically for mature skin.

What exactly is hyaluronic acid?

We often associate hyaluronic acid with aesthetic procedures, but there’s much more to this ingredient than fillers! It’s actually a natural substance that is not only found in the dermis (a connective tissue), but also in synovial fluid (which lubricates joints) and the vitreous humor (a gel-like fluid that fills the inside of the eye). A polysaccharide, hyaluronic acid is frequently used in cosmetics as it boasts many benefits – including the ability to deeply hydrate the skin. It can hold a thousand times its weight in water! This incredible skin hydrator is produced by fibroblasts and breaks down quickly. But because nature abhors a vacuum, when hyaluronic acid is degraded into fragments, these fragments in turn promote the production of hyaluronic acid. This virtuous circle tends to slow down and become less efficient as we get older – and this is partly responsible for skin aging.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid for the face?

Synthesized hyaluronic acid is incorporated into the formulas of many skincare products. At Absolution, we use this multi-purpose ingredient to tone, hydrate, plump and strengthen the skin. We’ve included it in different products to address different needs.

  • Deep hydration. Thanks to its excellent moisture-retaining capacity, hyaluronic acid is able to maintain optimal moisture levels in dry, blemish-prone or fragile, weakened skin. In this case, it is used as a moisturizing agent.
  • Pro-aging effect. The hyaluronic acid molecules in skincare products swell with water as they penetrate the epidermis, gradually plumping lines on the skin surface.
  • Protection. When applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid forms a film that helps to protect against daily aggressors (pollution, smoke, UV rays, etc.). However, this doesn’t mean it can take the place of sunscreen!

La Crème Beau Jour

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Every day is a good day!
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Who can use hyaluronic acid?

One of the great things about hyaluronic acid is that it’s helpful for all skin types! Yes, it’s an extraordinary hydrator, but that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for dry skin. The skin of your face is under attack every day, and it needs moisture. All skin types need moisture! Face creams with hyaluronic acid are also ideal for mature skin, as moisture levels in the skin decrease as we get older. In fact, many pro-aging creams for the over-60s contain this versatile ingredient.

There are key ingredients you should look for if you want a good pro-aging routine that will help to slow down the appearance of the signs of aging and fight skin dryness. Hyaluronic acid is one of them, but antioxidants and fatty acids are also very important. At Absolution, we use a plant-derived hyaluronic acid that’s obtained through the biofermentation of corn with a lactic bacterium. No chemical solvents are used, so we can ensure an extremely high level of purity and quality.

How can you incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine?

You’ll find hyaluronic acid in many Absolution products, including essences, masks, gels, serums and creams, so it’s easy to incorporate it into your pro-aging routine. Need a little help? We’ve put together a complete routine for you!

  • Remove makeup and cleanse. If you wear makeup, lift it away at the end of the day with La Crème Douce Démaquillante. It removes every last trace and lets your skin breathe! Follow by cleansing with Le Nettoyant Pureté to leave your skin perfectly clean.
  • Tone and firm. Our pro-aging serum, Le Booster LIFT, contains a carefully selected blend of pro-aging active ingredients. If you want to revitalize dull skin, apply La Brume Systémique first. This rich botanical water has a slightly gel-like texture and contains a higher concentration of active ingredients than a regular toner.
  • Moisturize. Packed with active ingredients, La Crème Beau Jour is a preventive cream that gives skin all the nutrients it needs to fight the effects of time. As its name suggests, it’s designed to be used during the day! In the evening, opt for La Crème du Soir (again, the clue’s in the name!). Rich in Argan OilMagnesium and hyaluronic acid, it works while you sleep, helping your skin to function like young skin again. And don’t forget to give lots of attention to the very delicate skin around your eyes. La Crème Réparatrice Regard is a nourishing eye cream that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by helping to restore elasticity to this fragile area.
  • Repair and soothe. Now and again, include a more targeted product in your pro-aging routine. If you feel that your skin is tight and lacking moisture, treat it to Le Masque Anti-Soif Hydratant. This deep hydration mask, with its blue gel texture, immediately makes your skin feel soft and supple again!

Le Booster LIFT

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La Crème Réparatrice Regard

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La Crème du Soir

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La Crème Beau Jour

52 €
Every day is a good day!
4.8 282 reviews

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