A Short Briefing on Auras



noun : the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

Why is it Important to Know about Your Aura:

Being able to understand your Aura is one way to being able to understand and discover yourself. It can act as an interior compass, one that tells you and honors how you are feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It gives you permission to be you and feel what you feel. Knowing your Aura means you know who you are and how your everyday experiences, interactions and exchanges shape you and your existence.

How to Tune into Your Aura:

There are many ways to tune into your Aura but two easy and simple ways that you can do at home and without being an expert are; lay down or sit in a comfortable position and begin to deepen your breath, begin to go into a gentle state of meditation and ask the question within yourself “Aura reveal your colors to me, Aura show me what you look like?” – and then the first few colors to come are your Aura in that moment, try not to question yourself, or doubt, juts be free to receive the message and then after the colors reveal themselves come out of the state of meditation and try and draw/color the images/colors your saw.

The second simple sequence is again be seated in a comfy position and breathe deeply and begin to rub your hands together in-front of you, quicken the speed, create heat and friction do this for a few minutes with intention, then slowly begin to pull your hands apart from each other and see what colors you see between them. (check out my article on Tuning into Subtle Messages / also check out Radiant Human Aura Photography).

What Shape is Your Aura & How it Expands & Retracts:

You Aura is in an egg-shape around your entire being and it extends outwardly as far as your natural reach is when your arms are in-front of you. When your Aura is in good shape the size is the length of your arms in that egg-shape all around your physically being. This is when you could say your Aura is expanding and has a vibrant resonance (times of joy, self-love, confidence, stability, inner-peace, so-on-and so-forth).

However, our Aura can fluctuate not only in color but in size as well. It can decrease and retract closer to the body when the Aura is not “healthy” or “feeling good” – this could come from feeling sad, anger, insecure, doubtful, agitated, have gone through a recent trauma, lack mentality, mental-congestion, or even in a time transition.

Everything we experience and partake in can affect our Aura and can be stored in our energetic system and Aura. Another great example to understand how the Aura expands or retracts is; if you think anything bad, ‘negative’ or judgmental about a person even if it’s as small as thinking “their shirt is ugly” your Aura will retract due to these low vibrational thoughts and the Aura of the person you are thinking about will also decrease due to this ‘negative projection’; on-the-other-hand when you think open, supportive, loving, non-judgmental thoughts both your Aura and the other persons will expand brilliantly outward.

What are the Main Colors of an Aura:

The colors of an Aura directly connect to the Chakra system, so you can always reference this system to understanding a deeper meaning about the below colors (all colors represent low and high frequencies for example; orange represents sexual energy this is an important energy but is overactive and addictive or destructive – you want the color to be harmonized not too weak and not overpowering).

In addition, colors can be bright and bold which is a vibrant resonance, or they can be faded, muddy or weak in their color frequency this also reveals to you many things about the state of your Aura. You may have one main color or colors that stay with you your entire life, this can be known as your birth Aura color – but on again, your Aura shifts with your experiences and feelings, so it is common to have many different colors in your Aura throughout your life’s journey.

Quick Briefing on the Colors:

Red – fiery and energetic

Orange – creative and sexual

Yellow – charismatic and ‘open to many walks of life’

Green – loving and forgiveness

Pink – caring and giving

Blue – expression and powerful mind

Purple – intuition and mental depths

White – oneness and universal

Black – exhaustion and fatigue

Rainbow – two or more colors; perhaps in a period of change or you are very active and busy

How to Cleanse Your Aura:

There are many ways to cleanse your Aura and not just by seeing a Master, Healer, Shaman, Light Worker, or out-sourcing; here are three ways to do it all by yourself. First, take an intentional and wonderous bath ceremony; the ceremony may include flowers, candles, crystals, and different bath ingredients, then soak in the bath and release all that is weighing you down, visualize the bath cleansing you from these things.

Two; smudge yourself and your home, you can use an ethical/eco white sage, and or ethical/eco Palo Santo and with intention allow the smoke to cover your physical being and then go into every room in your house high and low, around the windows and doors and let the smoke clear the energy from the space.

Third; work with a daily intention, mantra, or affirmation. If you want to read-up on Intentions have a look at my article all about it; Understanding the Power of Intention.