Expanding Confidence & Worthiness with UMA GAIA

Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. 

– Louise L. Hay 

We all have the right to stand in worthiness, power and confidence without judging ourselves or comparing ourselves to others. We are taught at a young age we must be ‘good at everything’ we must excel in all areas of life and schooling, this kind of mentality leads to lack of self-worth. We do not need to be ‘good at everything’, we can be good at what brings us passion, joy and stimulation. Focus on your innate capacities and strengths, these are our true gifts and what we are truly meant to share with others in this lifetime. This does not mean, don’t try other and new things or be lazy or not care, but it means stop thinking you have to be great at all things, stop thinking you have to be or act like others, give up the need to compare and constantly be in a mode of competition. It means honor you, honor what makes you, honor what comes most naturally to you and let it shine and expand.

The simple fact that you are born Plexus Solaire here on Earth makes you worthy (embrace this sentiment in totality, let it resonate throughout your mind, body and spirit, let it fill your system and core). Find your confidence from going within yourself rather than outsourcing. Confidence and worth are within each of us, we all have this power and this fire energy. Now is the time to nurture it with care and respect. Uplift yourself, step into who you are and be You.

Chakra knowledge:

  • Manipura/ 3rd Chakra / Solar Plexus
  • Statement : “I do”
  • Location : Stomach / Digestive System
  • Color : Yellow
  • Note : E
  • Element : Fire
  • Planet : Sun (representing masculine energy / identity / worthiness / power / strength / vitality)
  • Crystal(s) : Citrine, Yellow Tourmaline, Topaz, Sapphire
  • Mantra : RAM
  • Essential Oil(s) : Juniper & Clary Sage
Citrine Crystal
Citrine Crystal

Mind Body Spirit Guidance

Manipura Meditation 

Place your hands over your stomach. Imagine your Manipura/Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra as a ball of yellow light glowing in your abdomen. With each breath, imagine yellow light entering your body and going straight to this area, making it glow even brighter. As your Solaire Plexus begins to radiate, your confidence and personal power will become stronger. Now imagine the yellow light from your Solar Plexus begins to spread throughout your body. Every muscle and every cell is being wrapped in this warm, glowing yellow light. Feel yourself becoming more and more empowered

Tip: work with a yellow blanket or citrine crystal during this sequence.

Sound meditation

Intentions to work with

  • “I am worthy at all times.”
  • “Everyday my confidence is expanding. ”
  • “I am confident.”
  • “It is easy for me to honor my worthiness.”
  • “As I release lack I am embrace worth.”
  • “It is easy for me to step into my power.”

Be your own Goddess or God

Each one of us has our own identity, our own innate capacities. Each one of us is unique, whole, perfect and divine. When we understand this truly we begin to embrace our true worth and confidence, the kind that comes from within. When we compare ourselves to others or believe others are better than us, we leak our power and our own abundance. When we constantly put ourselves down, or beat ourselves up, we are hurting our true confidence. Confidence comes from knowing that you are worthy as you are, that no one else is like you, and that right there is worth and confidence. When you begin to see yourself as your own metaphorical Goddess or God we begin to see clearly how incredible we truly are. We all have innate gifts, nurture yours so they can blossom into their full potential. This is where you cultivate worth, not from trying to be like someone else or someone different but by embracing who you are, caring for it and standing in it in power and worth.

Be your own goddess or god
Be Your Own Goddess or God

Embody your inner Lion or Panther

Embrace your inner Lion or Panther, connect to these two powerful animals. Call upon them in the morning, at night, or throughout the day, allow them to show you the way to divine confidence and worth. Consider drawing, painting or writing a short story about how the Lion or the Panther learn to understand that its power and confidence comes innately from within and does not rely on anything outside itself. The Lion can teach us to hold our head high no matter what, to have the courage in any situation. The Panther can reveal our inner reclamation of power and worthiness.

Manipura element connection: Fire

For the below use a candle and sit in front of it comfortably, this can be done once or twice a week and for as long as you need. Make the space supportive and loving. Perhaps even place Manipura crystals around the candle or other sacred items. Be sure to have a journal, pen and a bowl of water prepared.

Fire Visualization – Releasing lack thoughts, comparing, and judgements:

Take the time to use the above Fire Visualization to release these lower frequencies, see them leaving yourself and entering the flame, and being let out of you to the Universe. Write these releasing’s (such as anything that makes you doubt yourself, judge yourself, or hold yourself back from being in your divine power and worth) down on small pieces of paper and burn them in ceremony. Place the burned pieces of paper in a bowl with water (that you have prepared). Release emotions, after, dance, move your body, smile, cry, release sounds, really let your body shake it all out! Afterwards or the following day take the bowl of water and burned pieces of paper and place them back into Nature, by a tree or plant outside of your home, let the Earth recycle this low energy and transform it back into a high resonance.

Curate Your Crew

The Manipura not only represents confidence and worthiness but it also represents friendship and community. These two sentiments go hand-in-hand, why? Because a lot of the time when we surround our self with people who are constantly judging us, putting us down, passive-aggressiveness or are simply just mean to us, all of this lower energy enters our Manipura and drains us of our confidence, power and self-worth. Many times, our friends project their own insecurities on us and this can create unhealthy bonds. It is so important and crucial that our community and relationships honor who we are and uplift us. That both sides of the relationship and connection feel respected and inspired by one another and that it is a supportive and abundant connection. All relationships have seasons, and perhaps it is time for you to review your inner and outer circles and see who may need to be released.

Curate your crew!
Curate your crew!

“Your confidence in the people, and your doubt about them, are closely related to your self-confidence and your self-doubt.”

– Khalil Gibran