The Fundamentals to Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are a tool to connecting to your inner intuition, interior guidance, softening your physical and ego form, embracing the gentle messages and support that are all around you at every moment. Oracle cards allow you to tune into your inner-love, well-being, and the overall beauty of life. One thing is that oracle cards are not Tarot cards, they are different philosophies and represent different forms of messages. Oracle cards can be gentle whispers of comfort, guidance, and clarity, they will always uplift the reader and user with love and light. This is their sole purpose.

The foundation to an oracle card is that it embraces a form of archetype, a universal power that transcends all dogmas, can be found in nearly all belief systems, are non-domination. This simple means that oracle cards embrace aspects of culture, science, universal beliefs, and different ancient ways and then fuse it all together to create a multi-level message.

There are an array of different oracle cards and themes, really, they can be based on a variety of practices, beliefs, ancient hierarchies and systems, mythical legends, and folklore. These days, you can find an oracle deck on nearly everything. Some examples are oracle cards centered around crystals, archangels, animal totems, musicians, art masters, feminine goddesses, shamanic traditions, master ascendents, moon cycles, wiccan traditions, essential plants, and oils and many more.

Everyone can read oracle cards; this is the most divine aspect of oracle cards. There are just a few fundamental steps to preparing for a self-reading, or a reading for a friend. When you follow these steps, you are guided by your inner ability for divination:

1. Once you receive a new oracle deck, you want to infuse it with your own energy. You do this by opening the deck and touching and looking at each card individually. Take your time.

2. You will then fan the cards out in your hand as best as you can and then rest the hand with the cards over your heart center and take a moment to honor the cards, their messages. This could sound like: “I honor the messages, I honor the guides, I honor myself and I am open to receiving the messages and guidance. I am grateful for this…”

3. Once you have completed the above, you can then take a few inhales and exhales, clear your mind, and decide what question you would like to ask the oracles. Questions can be broad, such as: what is happening in my love life, what is a message for today, what guidance can I receive in my career…etc.

4. After you have clarity on your question you can begin to shuffle the cards and think about your question. Shuffle until you feel the cards are complete, they will tell you, just listen. Then stop shuffling.

5. From here you have you multiple options: you can pull the top card, or bottom card and have that be your message, you can spread the cards out in front of you and run your hand over them slowly and see what card makes your hand buzz, you can pull a multi-card reading such as two cards the first card being where you are now, the second card being what needs to be done to fulfill your question, you can do a three card reading which represents the direct past, present and close future… in all oracle card decks, there is a booklet that offers guidance on these types of readings. They can even go deeper into reading for the entire year, seasons, etc.

6. Once you have chosen your cards, you want to sit with the card, observe closely the imagery, the colors, the aspects of the design, the number, discover the card and connect with how it emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically makes you feel. Trust your inner wisdom, lean into your own perception and intuition on what this card is trying to share with you.

7. After you have done this, and really taken the time to uncover the oracle message via your own inner voice you can then look in the guidebook that comes with the oracle deck for the authors description of the card.

8. From here you can sum-up the message of the card based on your own understanding and then the guidebook. It may be important to take a photo of the card, journal or write down some of the key points so you can then begin to integrate the message into your life and not let the message fall by the wayside.

It is important to remember that oracle cards are a tool to strengthen your own inner-guidance and bring forth brightness to an area in your life might feel foggy. You are supported and allow yourself to feel the support from within and on the outside.