5 Ways Series: Carving Out More ‘Time & Space’ for You

There are many reasons why we feel that ‘time and space’ are speeding up, or that there are less moments in the day, or simply that we have so much to do that we end up with no ‘time’ for ourselves. On a scientific level; international timekeepers are accustomed to adding a “leap second”(meaning the Earth is going slower) here and there to keep the atomic clocks in order – now, they are considering adding for the first time a “negative second” or rather “drop a second” – due to the fact the Earth is speeding up in the ‘time and space’ we know and live. Also for years scientists have studied how the human brain believes ‘time and space’ speeds up as we age. The simple truth is ‘time and space’ are not linear nor finite, nor the number on the clock that we have instated to maintain order.

What we are here to do is to align with our ‘time and space’ the best we can, to make every millisecond matter, and in the end they all do, affecting our being in all aspects.

When we approach ‘time and space’ with intention we can carve out more ‘time and space’ for ourselves. We can become consumed by the constant exchanges, interactions, thoughts, tech-driven electromagnetic frequencies spinning around us, to-do lists, deadlines, family, and even the things that ‘bring us joy’. All of these different avenues lead to ‘time and space’ speeding up and there ‘never being enough’ and especially none left for You. If you are ready, lets soften your perception around ‘time and space’. Five simple ways to do so below.

Note : Gently commit to one or a few, practice daily and just let it all flow without harshness.

1. Rise with Gratitude

Awake in the morning with a sense of gratitude. Start with connecting to the gratitude within yourself, not outside of yourself. As in, be grateful for your physical form, your eyesight, your hands, your heart, your Spirit, your mind or intuition, start with what is there and not affected by outside circumstances (example: your job, home, relationships etc). This will strengthen the foundation of true gratitude within you. Then you can carry this energy throughout the day and use it as supporting gratitude for those experiences ‘high and low’ that we exchange with throughout our journey. This tips the cup as they would say to “half full, rather than half empty” – Gratitude honors what you already have, which in-return makes more ‘time and space’ for what you want.

Rise with gratitude
Rise with gratitude

2. Anything Goes Writing

Get yourself some paper or a journal and take 3-5minutes and write a day. Write anything that comes to you. It could be a poem, it could be ‘non-sense’ nor grammatically correct, it could be a story, or a thought, or a wish; just write. Get the words out of your brain and onto the paper, whatever they may be. Writing is a form of deep releasing, even if it’s just for a few moments, it acts like a funnel and clears out some interior ‘clutter’; allowing you to be more free and open to your intentions and actions.

Anything goes writing
Anything goes writing

3. Dance, no one is watching but you!

Naturally move the physical form, just let your limbs and being move. Without regulation, without judgement, without considering technique or this or that, just move and shake and dance. Stimulating the human form via dance bolsters inner peace, inner confidence, inner trust and not to mention literally shakes off lingering energy within your system that does not serve you. Play your favorite tune, just one even if that’s all you can stammer to do, play it loud and free yourself and your body. Laugh with yourself and may those judgmental barricading thoughts be-gone!

Dance ; "No one is watching but you"
Dance, No one is watching but you”

4. Let Curiosity Rule 

We all have curiosities, those little tinkering passions within us that sometimes we ignore or don’t allow to grow out of fear of failure, not being good, or simply the statement “not enough time”. Let those curiosities out and let them shine. Choose one interest or passion that intrigues you and dive into it without hesitation; whether that means taking an on-line or in-person class, reading a book about it, watching a film, or even just creating something from scratch around it yourself, just fill this well of curiosity and passion with a small action. You don’t have to make it a full-time career shift, or even be a professional at it, just be you and honor the curiosities that are yours and nurture them. When you nourish your curiosities with small intentions and/or actions more joy, light and fire grows from within you, expanding your divine self.

Let curiosity rule
Let curiosity rule

5. Soothe the Mind

Quieting the mind doesn’t mean you have to have absolute stillness or be a Jedi-master, it means its safe to slow down. We are constantly breathing without even knowing it, just like all the mental congestion that swirls in our brains everyday, overpopulating our system with questions, the future, thoughts, ideas, doubts, and so on… slow down. When you bring new oxygen into the body and mind you are caring for your system, and re-charging it. One easy breath sequence to quickly soothe our at-times chaotic mind is called ‘Square Breathing’; close your eyes, inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds and repeat.

Soothe the mind
Soothe the mind

 “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.”  

– Albert Einstein