Activating Self Expression – A Series of Ceremonies and Alignment Guides from UMA GAIA

 “A person without self-expression is a person without personal freedom.”

Robin s

Self-expression is an act of expressing ones thoughts, beliefs, emotions and everything you consider to be ‘reality’. By the way of vulnerability and authenticity, you can express and reveal who you truly are to the world – however many find it easier to pretend and mask themselves from the outside world, and many of times they even hide from themselves. Yet, this can be determinantal to one’s life and joy, since when you repress your true self you create blocks in expression and the projection of yourself, which will indefinitely hurt you and the experiences you are creating, reflecting and participating in.

The relationship between self and others is innately within us all, but is slowly removed from our skillset as we get older and have been exposed to society and many experiences where sometimes expressing your true self may not feel safe, loved, wanted or honored. Without authentic and true self-expression, your soul is held behind doors and your spirit cannot shine outwardly.

What’s important to remember is that self-expression is purely for you and no one else, it is not impress or align or adhere to whatever might be trending at the moment. The world might try and convince us to turn cold, hard and non-expressive and self-expression of any form is the most alive, warm and passionate thing one can do. It takes bravery, courage and dedication but it is worth it.

We can be held down and oppressed by family, society, the media, the world telling us how to think, act, eat, move, dress and so and so forth. We must sort through all this to find and uncover our true self-expression. Authentic self-expression is when you hold space and embrace all sides of yourself ‘positive traits and the shadow traits that we usually try and keep down within’. Where we value all the pieces of ourselves.

Always know there are no wrong or right ways to express oneself, but this is after one has aligned with their true self and exactly who you are and want to share with the world, this is done through the journey of self-discovery. And then once you reach this point you can really feel the energy of ‘Freedom’, and release yourself from the ‘Self-Expression Shackles’ that have been holding you back.

Four Foundations of Communication

First off, one must understand that there are four fundamental kinds of communication/expression and these are the first four one can discovery, heal and expand. These four foundations are the starting place to see where you might need to shift and grow.

  1. Internal Talk. This represents how one speaks to themselves. For example: are you harsh and mean to yourself?
  2. External Talk. This represents how one speaks to others. For example: is it difficult for you to express  your needs to others?
  3. Internal Touch. This represents how one touches themselves and feels in their own body. For example: are you comfortable dancing with yourself and caressing your body?
  4. External Touch. This represents how one touches others. For example : are you comfortable giving a hug to a person?

Note: Sit with yourself and really go through the above four foundations and see where you at with them, are they easy and supporting you in love? Or is it difficult and are they supporting you in fear?

Chakra Awareness

The main Chakra correlated to Self-Expression is the Throat Chakra, there are others that support self-expression but this is the main one that we will focus on.

Throat Chakra / Vishuddha / 5th Chakra “I SPEAK”

  • Location: Neck
  • Color: Brighter Blue
  • Note: G
  • Element: Ether
  • Planet: Mercury (communication all forms/expression of self/ authenticity)
  • Crystal: Turquoise
  • Mantra: HAM
  • Essential Oil: Chamomile & Rosemary
  • Characteristics: Creativity, Self-Expression, Communication (internal/external/verbal/non-verbal) Projection of Self
  • Intention: “It is easy for me to express and communicate all aspects of myself inwardly and externally.”

Mind/Body/Spirit Guidance for Activating Self Expression


Intentions for Activating Self Expression & Freedom

Start your day with one, and raise your vibration in the morning so you can quickly shift throughout the day when different experiences/thoughts may come towards you and bring you to a lower level. Affirmations and intentions are the starting point to any and all actions, desires, dreams and goals. They are what create the momentum in the direction we want, it is the starting to point to everything, the intention is the most important and then the action will follow and guided by that center starting point from within you. Be gentle with yourself, there will be resistance, and you are on your way to resilience. Intention work takes time, release of self judgement and embracement of self. When Ego comes in: state: “I am on my way, I am working towards my intention, I am on the way…”

It is easy for me to express myself at all times

  • “I always authentically express myself and wants/desires/needs.”
  • “I communicate lovingly with myself and others.”
  • “As I express my true self, I step into freedom.”
  • “I release all fear around expressing who I truly am.”
  • “I honor my self-expression and make it a priority.”

Lions Breath for Opening Throat Chakra

Embody the lion, embody the freedom and courage of this breath sequence. Tip: do it in the mirror so that you can connect to yourself and support your rising fears around self-expression.

Self-Massage for Throat Chakra Expansion

Wash your hands, find a comfy place to sit, and place your hands in prayer in-front of your heart, and repeat out-loud one of the above intentions for awakening the Throat.

With ease and gentleness massage behind your ears, massage your ears, massage your chin, cheeks, under eyes, temples, forehead. Shake hands out and release the energy you have moved. Then begin to massage the arms, hands and shoulders the same way with care and intention. Take your time, connect to your physical being and stay in any place that may feel tight or painful, send your intention there. Once you feel this is completed bring your hands back to your heart-center in prayer and send yourself gratitude and honor your expression by repeating once more your chosen intention out-loud.

Dancing & Movement for Self-Expression

Dancing with yourself is an easy way to uplift and support your divine self-expression, the fluidity of yourself, within and on the outside. This sequence is about connecting the physical expression with the emotional.

Dance to different songs that make you move and feel different things, express yourself in all different ways; example: play a classical piece and move slowly and with elegance, play a rock n’roll song and go wild… Most importantly express many emotions and different kinds of movements.

Visual Journaling

For this writing exercise it is all about getting creative and expressing yourself in various artistic ways. This journal can be a dedicated space for creative expression. In this journal, you can paint, draw, collage, create symbols, write a short story, write a poem. Whatever you want. But push yourself beyond your comfort zone and express yourself in many ways. This journal is just for you, no one else. So remove all self-criticism and judgment about you “being a good or bad artist” this tool is to show you that we all are artists and we all have the ability to express ourselves with creativity.

Note: For Artist inspiration and intuitive connection check out this Art Oracle Deck.

Bardic Circle

This activity is for you to step forward with your self-expression in the eyes and company of others. Get a group of friends or family together and create a large circle. Everyone will then go around the circle expressing themselves in whatever manner they desire! For example: some may dance, some may recite a poem, some may tell a joke or two, some may play an instrument so on and so forth. This is a safe space, a supported circle; everyone is to uplift and honor each persons form of expression by clapping, cheering and sending them love! This is about feeling confident and moving past vulnerability and insecurity, embrace your authentic self in the eyes of others.

Note: No shaming, if someone isn’t ready to perform do not poke fun at them, but rather honor their decision or see if they would like to perform with another guest.

Three Quick Ways to Explore Self-Expression

  1. Play with fashion – We all can be ‘à la mode’, just dress for yourself and no-one else!
  2. Play with Paints – We all can be painters, just paint for yourself and no-one else!
  3. Play with Voice – We all can be singers, just sing for yourself and no-one else!

“Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can offer with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation, but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half possession.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson