March’s feminine archetype: The Mystic, The one who contemplates

Female archetypes, an introduction to connecting with your ever-changing, cyclic feminine nature. March’s feminine archetype : The Mystic, The one who contemplates.

As winter steps aside and makes way for spring, the Mystic archetype works her magic on the wheel of the 13 feminine archetypes. She is the one who connects us to our spirituality. Mysterious and dreamy, she has her eyes staring at the stars or a sunset. Passionate about the sacred, she perceives the divine everywhere. She makes her whole life a ceremony.

The Mystic is spiritual

She is the one who invites us to find the spiritual messages in our lives. Closely connected to the etheric body, the Mystic feels the divine presence in everything that surrounds her. She raises her vibrations to connect to the celestial and multidimensional worlds. Attracted by the light, she is fascinated by esotericism and the deep meaning of existence. Her faith journey exalts her and bewitches those around her.

The Mystic seeks the state of mystical awareness

The Mystic finds the divine in every moment of her existence, so is constantly amazed. She finds spiritual depth in simple things like slowly enjoying a cup of tea. She enters a state of mystical awareness as she watches a butterfly go from one flower to another. She experiences bliss and unconditional love for all living things. 

The Mystic is a researcher

She is prone to practicing everything that could help her to know herself better: meditation, prayer, spiritual experiences of all kinds. She seeks to understand the meaning of her life and to go beyond the limits of her human condition. She is initiated to various methods such as: trance, dance, singing, yoga, meditation, hypnosis etc. She is attracted by everything that could allow her to escape from a monotonous reality.

Here are some questions to extend your reflection alone or with your loved ones

  • Do you feel the divine presence in your life? If so, under what form?
  • What are the tools that allow you to develop your spirituality? (music, yoga, meditation, hypnosis)
  • What are your spiritual practices? (prayers, rituals, chants, nature walks)
  • What is the most powerful spiritual experience you have had? 
  • How does nature allow you to connect with the divine?

Meditative Ritual: The Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is a silent meditation through which you are invited to focus only on yourself, the moment and the tea you are about to drink. The essence of this ceremony could be summarized by the Japanese Zen concept “ichi-go ichie-e” which means “once in a lifetime”. This term reminds us that the beauty of a moment is contained in the immediacy of the moment. This is the art of the art of contemplating the present moment at the heart of our life experience which is constantly in motion.

By focusing your attention on the value of the moment you are experiencing and the fact that this moment is once in a lifetime, you are enjoying your tea with full awareness! Live this ceremony with an open heart and consider each step of the process. The preparation of the tea requires your full presence and also teaches you to contemplate the simple things in life such as boiling water, pouring water into a cup and contemplating. 

Begin your ceremony by preparing your tea with mindfulness. Select the type of tea you are going to drink, set up the place where you are going to sit to drink it, choose the cup you are going to use, etc. Be attentive to each step and bring your devotion to it. Be mindful of each step and give it your full attention. When everything is ready, sit silently and observe. Notice the scent of your tea and the steam dancing in the air. Contemplate the cup and its materials. Look at the water and let your mind visualize the environment in which the tea leaves were harvested. Feel grateful towards nature and appreciate all that allows you to experience the fullness of this moment: water coming right to you kitchen tap, the warmth or softness of your home, your body, your breath, your freedom, etc. Take a moment to reflect on everything that sustains your existence and that could ultimately be contained in this moment and this cup of tea. Stay in this state of contemplation for a few minutes.

Now it’s time to enjoy your tea! In the simplest and most essential way, drink your tea, one sip after another, meditating on each of your gestures: your arm lifting and directing the cup towards your mouth, your arm lowering and placing the cup on the table or floor in front of you. You can space your sips with a few minutes of silent breathing. If thoughts, sensations or feelings arise, welcome them and place your attention back on your actions. Settle fully into your body and into this sacred moment where the past no longer exists, and the future not yet. Engage fully in this meditative ceremony and realize that this moment of life will never be the same again.

Your meditation can last as long or as short as you like: fifteen minutes or an hour, it’s up to you! When you are finished, thank nature again and dispose of each item with the same appreciation and thoughtfulness you used in your preparation.

The tea ceremony is a great way to cultivate your appreciation for life. You can practice it alone or with others, every morning, at the beginning of your day.

Let your inner Mystic live and contemplate the magic contained in every moment of your daily life!