Beauty interview with Clémentine Chatroussat : « I’m certain that Beauty will save us. It brings us positive thoughts and energies ».

As an expert in women’s well-being, Clémentine Chatroussat knows how to find Beauty in the widest sense of the word. By listening to mantras and having a heightened awareness of all the energies that surround us, Clémentine is able to understand what does us good as women but also as human beings.

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty helped you or healed you?  

The last time Beauty helped me was when I was listening to a mantra. It’s the yoga of sound. Sometimes, you can be moved by a melody or the voice of a singer , and you don’t always understand the significance of this. I already knew the mantra, but this version was sang by a man and a woman. I was very touched by the weaving of their two voices and the Beauty as they echoed inside me. 

How do you bring more Beauty to the world? 

I bring Beauty to the world through my work as a Women Expert, as I help women to feel good in their mind and body, so they can enjoy a fulfilled life.

Within my body, the feeling of Beauty is a feeling of being soothed.                   

Clémentine Chatroussat

If I say Beauty, what do you think of?

If someone mentions Beauty, I think of a flower. I see the buds that grow and bloom, like human beings as children, adolescents, then adults. I find it wonderful and magical.

Do you believe that Beauty will save us? How? 

I am certain that Beauty will save us. It brings us positive thoughts and energies. So, the more you see beautiful things, the more you are filled with positive energies, and the more joy that brings you. It helps to keep away stress and illness.

Do you remember the first thing that amazed you as a child?

As a child, the first thing that amazed me was when I held my little cousin in my arms. For the first time in my life, I had a living doll! I found that absolutely incredible!

Where does Beauty hide? Can it be found in the most ordinary things?

For me, Beauty doesn’t hide, as it is everywhere. It’s inside us. We belong to Nature and Nature, by definition, is extraordinary. Beauty is there all the time, every day, in every moment of our lives. It’s up to us to accept it, embrace it, and observe it.

What is your motto or philosophy in life to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled? 

My motto, or rather, my philosophy in life, is: “don’t adapt to what doesn’t make you happy.” First of all, identify what doesn’t make you happy, then change one thing, then another, so that you can get closer to Happiness, which is everyone’s birthright.

What feeling does Beauty arouse in you? Could you describe it?

Within my body, the feeling of Beauty is a feeling of being soothed. My shoulders relax, any tension in my solar plexus is released, and tears could easily come to my eyes as I watch the sun set or listen to a mantra.