Beauty Interview with Aurélie Canzoneri: “Beauty is above all in ordinary things, it’s in details”

Aurélie lives her job as a passion. As a naturopath, she brings Beauty to the world each day by helping her patients take care of themselves and feel better in their body and mind. 

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty helped you or healed you?    

I remember it very clearly. I spent the last 6 months in the South West of France, in the Landes and then in Biarritz. I remember, one night, I received a very bad news. The next morning I went to walk by the ocean, it was in the early morning. I remember being blown away by the Beauty of the landscape, by the Beauty of the ocean, of the waves, of the deep blue of the ocean. Faced with so much Beauty, vastness, facing the horizon, I remember being totally soothed at this precise moment. It even managed to allay this bad news because I practiced mindfulness, I was living the present moment. I was watching the waves slamming against the rocks, the water, the horizon, the blue of the sky… and it’s truly the Beauty of this sight, of this landscape that healed me at the time, it really helped me feel better.  

How do you bring more Beauty to the world?   

It may sound a bit snotty, but I think I bring Beauty to the world by helping my clients. I help them feel better about their body, in their mind and see them glow : whether it is during the consultation because they feel they are being listened to or even at the time of the follow-up consultation when they managed to get rid of bad habits or to change them, when they managed to control their emotions or impulses sometimes, when they manage to feel better and have control over their lives and not just endure schemas and emotions… I think it’s my way of contributing : helping people to glow, helping people to feel better it’s my way of bringing Beauty to the world.

If I say Beauty, what do you think of?  

It can seem a bit common, but I mainly think of my daughter. I think of the Beauty of the world through her eyes. The innocence she has facing the world, the questions she asks, the thoughts she can have when facing daily situations, when facing things we find trivial but which are for her daily discoveries.

Do you believe that Beauty will save us? How?   

I think Beauty will save us thanks to generosity. I witnessed that during lockdown. When I was living in the Landes, during the first 2 months of Lockdown, I was living in a little very cute cottage. I made the most of this moment to share the more knowledge and information I could.  I posted a lot of videos on my Instagram account and posted a lot about diet : How to question your diet ? How to have a better sleep ? How to cope with stress ?  How to better digest ?

I realized that those advices, this information sharing, helped a lot of people, a lot of women who were lonely at the time due to lockdown, across the world, not only in France. I remember being contacted by women from Asia, the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Italie… a bit everywhere. I benefited them because they discovered new routines, tested new things… it’s the Beauty of sharing and the Beauty of generosity.

Do you remember the first thing that amazed you as a child?

I remember it very clearly. When I was a child, during the holiday, my mother would take me visit a glass blower. I remember being amazed by that man’s work, by his dedication. Not only was I amazed by him, by the way he shaped the glass but I was also amazed by the glass itself. How a raw material like that could turn into something so beautiful ? I would have been able to stay hours staring at this artisan and the glass. I think I would have been able to spend my entire holiday there.   

Where does Beauty hide? Can it be found in the most ordinary things?

I feel like saying that Beauty is above all in ordinary things. A lot of things are supposedly beautiful, it’s often dictated by this consumerist society. Beautiful things that are often useless, in my opinion. To me, Beauty often hides in ordinary things, in day-to-day things, in simple things. Beauty hides in details : a smile, a sunray…

A few days ago, while I was doing yoga, I took a deep breath and at this precise moment, a sunray crossed the window. I remember telling myself how much I was happy to be able to catch that split second, that sunray, that moment of wellness, of fullness. It allowed me to relativize on a lot of things and to see Beauty through different things than those that are dictated. That is what Beauty is.  

What is your motto or philosophy in life to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled?  

Life is a matter of choice. We are often influenced by social determinism, by our environment, our childhood, … but we still have the choice to follow the path we want, to say yes or no to what seems right to us, to meet this or that person, … Everybody makes mistakes, and they allow us to move forward, and grow, and to make guided choices. The choice combined with the ability to question oneself, are for me key elements to feel beautiful and fulfilled.  

What feeling does Beauty arouse in you? Could you describe it? 

I am quite sensitive, and Beauty can very easily move me to tears … An uncontrollable feeling but, one that I don’t want to control, because it comes from the heart.