Beauty Interview with Julia Edgely : “When people open their eyes, there is beauty everywhere.”

Nature plays a full part in the life of Julia Edgely, a homeopath, who uses its benefits to help her patients regain their freedom and well-being. Her contagious joy helps us to see and fully appreciate the Beauty of what surrounds us, even sometimes where we don’t expect it. 

What is your mantra for beauty and a fulfilled life ?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

I love that quote because we are always learning, we are always striving, nothing is wrong, nothing is absolute and perfect. And each day, you can find inspiration as you learn and as you grow. As well, it helps people who fear trying because they don’t want to fail, who fear striving, trying new things, fear what other  people think of them. It’s all about your personal growth, where you can do better. And you can do that every day, you can achieve little bits everyday. That is my favorite phrase, I could say it all day, every day.

What first amazed you as a child?

I remember this memory, it was in Ireland where I grew up (still growing up). It was on the beach, because even if it’s cold in Ireland, we still go to the beach. I was looking out until the horizon, seeing the sky and the sea come together. It was so perfect, it was the same colour blue sea and blue sky, like a painting. And then I realized, paintings are of nature, it’s not nature of paintings… it just amazed me and I remember looking out, thinking : ‘who made this?’ like ‘who made that so beautiful?’. It was the first time I stood there on the beach and I just stared and I was just an absolute oh of that : the perfect reflection of the sky in the sea, as if there were one but separate.

If I say beautiful, what do you think of?

To me, I love looking at people’s expressions. All expressions whether be angry or sad or happy, there’s beauty in that because there’s a truth in it. I find beauty when people are free to express and it shows on their face. I’m one of those people that, as you say in English ‘I wear my heart in my sleeve.’, so you see everything in my expression and I think people who feel free, when they can do that : that’s true beauty. When you see their feelings and emotions all in their face.

Where does Beautiful hide?

I don’t think beautiful hides. What for me, beautiful really is, is nature and every aspect of nature : human nature, trees, plants… so I don’t think nature hides. An example of this, is when, you see concrete path and you see a little sprat of a plant coming up. Beauty in nature can’t hide. I think it’s about looking for it and being aware open to it. So when people open their eyes, there is beauty everywhere.

Can you tell us about the last time Beauty made you feel good ?

 Any time you are in nature you feel good. Isn’t that right ? I think everyone when they go into a forest, to the beach or they hear the birds chirping, see flowers blooming or the buds coming out just in spring… I think that gives everyone a sense of wellness, of wholeness, a sense of being part of something because we are nature and I think that’s as well why I love natural beauty and natural as in like conventional beauty products is because they work with nature, so there are always perfect because nature for me is perfect.

How do you add Beauty to the world?

I think it’s working with my patients. When you have patients who come in, they are looking for different treatments, they are potentially told they have to deal with their symptoms, their current situations and their health. I can give them hope, I can give them answers and give them the tools that they can feel freedom in their own bodies, in their own health and wellbeing, something to work on. Again, it’s always in their expressions, that freedom, that inspiration. I love working with patients like that, make them feel totally in control and in hand with their health. Therefore, when they feel free, it’s making them feel a part of something. That’s how I bring beauty.

If I tell you Beauty, what do you think of?

Nature. There is nothing in nature that isn’t beautiful. Even on a grey day, even under a thunder storm it is beautiful. And that’s why my life is always about working with nature : natural therapies, natural beauty, working with the seasons, working with the beautiful sun… That for me is beauty, I will always be thinking of nature when I think of beauty.

What feeling does Beauty arouse in you?

I will talk about a person. I love laughing, when you see people or when you feel it and have this unexpected belly laugh : you hear something funny and you were not expected to laugh and it comes up and see expressions on people’s faces, and they can’t stop laughing and laugh more because they are laughing. I just love that expression, I think that’s an absolutely beautiful feeling : the natural humor and joy and seeing that in somebody else is inspiring for me.