Welcome Spring – Part 2

Here we are back together to go through Springtime with an adapted diet and a harmonizing ritual.

Health – Diet

In Chinese medicine, Spring is linked to the wood energy, which is linked to the liver and the gallbladder, linked to the eyes, the sight, the tissues concerned are the muscles, tendons and nails. The liver is linked to anger. If your wood energy isn’t sufficient you can feel fear, impatience, repressed anger, either not expressed or in a bad way, nightmares. In excess: big outbursts of anger, aggressivity, recklessness, high level of impatience…

It’s also time to balance the Ying and the Yang with a refreshing and hypotoxic diet (you can of course adopt it all year long!): ban fried food, reduce hot spices, rather eat fish and eggs than meat (if you eat any) and go green widely with some dairy products, if you can eat them.

To take care of your liver: go for acid flavors, steamed food, rising vegetables (leeks, onions, asparagus, endives, chards).

One can also eat detoxifying ingredients: dandelions, nettles, wild garlic, plants that should be part of our regular diet. Nettle and dandelion can be cooked very easily and are very tasty. Minced wild garlic is perfect to liven up salads and raw vegetables, you can even make a pesto out of it by adding pine nuts and olive oil. Also prefer sprouted seeds with raw vegetables as a starter, a real boost of vitamins and trace elements.

One can also, of course, drink the now famous lemon juice in the morning. For 2 weeks, squeeze every morning half an organic lemon and dilute it in a bit of hot water. This will clean your liver, which will make your skin look much better. It’s an amazing detoxifying and regenerating beverage, but do drink it as a cure and not on long-term. You can also prepare this delicious cocktail: lemon (vitamin C and heals the liver) + honey (half of tsp) + ginger (digestive and energizing) + turmeric (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and prepares your skin to sun), and drink it cold or barely lukewarm, otherwise the honey enzymes, which do not tolerate heat, will be annihilated.

It can be the ideal time to start a depurative cure with these specialized plants.

  • Black radishes to clean your liver: usually one only uses the juice (1 tbs, 2 to 5 times per day) never go beyond 100 ml. If you don’t like the taste of it, it also exists in powder or capsules.
  • Artichokes to stimulate your liver: by stimulating biliary secretin, the artichoke helps digestion and prevents or heals digestive problems. One should take 2g of brewed dried leaves, 3 times a day.
  • Dandelion to evacuate toxins: its leaves are known for their benefits on our body’s biliary functions. They evacuate toxins by activating the biliary secretion and stimulating the liver. One should let infuse 3 to 5 g of dried leaves in a tea cup between 5 to 10 minutes. Up to 3 times a day.
  • Boldo to enhance digestion: its leaves contain an essential oil, rich in eucalyptol and alkaloids, which stimulates the biliary secretion by easing its evacuation to the guts. Let infuse 1 g of dried leaves per tea cup, for 10 minutes in boiling water (or use a tea bag). Drink a cup before each meal (always take the boldo before the meal and not after the meal).

Get your mind together  

Adapt your rhythm to the earth’s rhythm: try getting up earlier, get fresh air more often – when it’s possible – and go into nature if you can (one needs it even more during this lockdown), walk, get sunshine on your face and forearms 10 min per day (without being static) to feel better and make vitamin D, meditate (good whatever the season).

It’s time to celebrate, act, spread seeds and bless the awakening of nature. Time for feminine fertility and masculine power to wake up too.

Take time to write down your dreams and goals on small pieces of paper and bury them with a few seeds. Water them and get down to work… your projects will soon blossom.