Vernal Equinox: Springtime Mementos

The Vernal Equinox, also known as the Spring Equinox (March 19-21st) in the Northern Hemisphere is one of the four seasons of the year, when we cycle from Winter to Spring, in the way of Shamanic/Druid/Pagan beliefs it is known as the “turning of the wheel”. When the wheel turns from Winters hibernation internal energy to Springs awakening external energy. It is time to focus on preparation and action. There will be more light, more day, the Sun will rest in the sky longer and support the rebirth resonance that the Spring honors.

The Spring Equinox is an auspicious, abundant and joyous time.  A time to plant your seeds, literally and figuratively, a time of renewal and wildness. You can see this is in the bursting greenery, the savage flowers popping out near and far, the readiness of the animals and Earth to leave the slumbering Winter and embrace movement, fertility, new-life and the new dawn of the Spring.

Our ancestors have been honoring this prosperous transformation for thousands of years via a slew of copious rituals. However, what I wanted to create was a curation of Spring Mementos that can cull inspiration, encourage insight and illuminate the bounty that Spring represents.

A Poem

A light exists in Spring

Not present on the Year

At any other period –

When March is scarcely here

A Color stands abroad

On Solitary Fields

That Science cannot overtake

But Human Nature feels…

‘A Light Exists in Spring’ – Emily Dickinson, Written in 1864 published in 1896

Spring Action: Consider writing your own Spring poem in celebration of the rising sun and perhaps lean into the emotions that you are feeling in-the-moment.

A Painting

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, ‘Spring Bouquet’ 1866 

Spring Action: Get out your art supplies and create your own luminous Spring canvas, perhaps lean into the bountiful landscapes that the Spring brings. 

A Song: Donna Summer,  ‘Spring Affair’

Spring Action: Dance has always been a major facet of any Spring Equinox celebration, so get your body moving and turn-up the tunes.

A Flower

Dandelion, a flower many ignore but our ancestors held space for. They knew its cleansing powers and utilized this for preparing their bodies and blood for the Spring, it clears the hardships of the Winter and makes space for the fertility of Spring.

Spring Action: Gather Dandelion and make yourself a dandelion infusion or tea, purify your being.

A Balancing Sequence

The Spring is about balance, harmonizing your energies and creating grace from within.

Wuji Gong Movement

Spring Action: Connect to your inner balance by exploring Qigong, allow freedom and harmony to flow through you preparing you for the renewal of Spring.

A Root Connection

Tending to the Earth, sewing your seeds and preparing the land is all part of the Spring Equinox resonance; explore this with a Earth Visualization.

Spring Action: Be seated with your feet firmly on the ground. Begin breathing in and out and calling in Mother Earth Root Support and Foundation. Visualize the rich soil and bounty of Mother Earth, see her mightiness and warmth, see how she is always there for you. Take this energy and vision into your own feet, and feel the roots growing from beneath your feet into the earth below you. Visualize them going deep and spreading vast around you. Breathe life into your roots; your grounding energy. Once you feel this completed begin to let the color red swirl around your lower half, a deep red. Lovingly thank the Root Mother Earth energy for supporting you at all times and then multiply it by 1000x over and close the meditation with a compassion hug.
 (If you feel called to do this outside do so, or work with a red cloth or crystal)