The benefits of Vitamin C!

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid is THE ultimate antioxidant vitamin. Discover its benefits, and as a bonus, I will share with you my recipe to fill up on vitamin C!  


Known for reducing fatigue, I recommend vitamin C to my clients that come and see me for chronic or severe fatigue, a lack of energy or vitality,…  

Besides boosting the body during periods of severe fatigue, vitamin C can be taken on the long-term to support the immune system (especially heading into winter!), but also to stimulate the healing process, produce more collagen, for its beneficial effects on the joints, cartilage and on blood vessels.  

This vitamin also helps to absorb iron, its transport and its storage… So for anyone who lacks iron, I recommend taking vitamin C for a short period of 2 months, which will help to strengthen the iron level.

Vitamin C is also used for an anti-free radical cure. Physical activity, period before and after operations (because vitamin C is essential for healing), alcohol, tobacco, stress,… oxidizes our organism and increase our antioxidants needs. To me, vitamin C is a perfect answer to this problematic. 

You can take it as a supplement, personally I recommend taking a slow-release or liposomal vitamin C. Liposomal means the vitamin is enclosed in a lipid bubble called liposome which helps the vitamin to go through the cell barrier easier and come and drop it in the heart of the cell.  


You can also go on a diet, naturally rich in vitamin C with guava, red and green peppers, papaya, kiwis, parsley, oranges, mango, broccoli, sprouts, lemon, grapefruit for example. Acerola, rosehip and camu camu are also very rich in vitamin C. 

As for the fruits, better eat the whole fruit or in smoothies  because fibers reduce intestinal sugar absorption and avoid  pics in the blood sugar. As for vegetables, depending on your tolerances, I recommend eating them raw, when it’s possible or steamed or as a juice, to keep all the nutrients.

Recipe : Smoothie rich in vitamin C !

Here’s a smoothie recipe very rich in vitamin C, which will boost your immune system. I, of course, recommend organic fruits and vegetables :  

  • Red pepper (or green according to your taste),  
  • A few lemon drops (not essential oils neither already pressed juices but the fruit itself)  
  • Kiwi, 
  • Ginger (for those who are not used to it, I recommend adding just a bit in the beginning, and If you like and appreciate it, you can increase the quantity, step by step) 
  • One or two branches of parsley 

I don’t usually give quantities to follow as it depends on the number of people drinking it or how hungry you are and what you like. However, I recommend not adding more than 20% of fruit, so prefer peppers to kiwis in this case. 

You can drink this smoothie when you get up, during breakfast or even to replace a meal, or as as a snack !  

If you need more info and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on my website or on Instagram.  

Crédit photo de couverture : Ig @thirty_laundry