What’s the best skincare routine for acne-prone skin?

Are excess sebum, blemishes, blackheads and spots your everyday skin concerns? Combination and oily skin that’s prone to acne needs a complete skincare routine that’s gentle on its fragile, sensitive microbiome. Find out more about our complete routine for acne-prone skin.

What makes skin prone to acne?

Many factors are responsible for unbalanced skin and blemishes on the face. These include hormonal changes, poor lifestyle habits, comedogenic (pore-blocking) cosmetic products, and harsh beauty routines. To care for your skin and keep acne at bay, you don’t necessarily have to start using an anti-acne treatment! In fact, there’s nothing better than taking a kind, caring approach. Adopt a gentle skincare routine tailored to your skin type. Live a healthy lifestyle. And look after your mind too! All these things will help to restore your skin’s balance.

A complete routine to care for acne-prone skin

If we had to sum up the ideal skincare routine for acne-prone skin in three words, they would be gentle, gentle, gentle!

Remove makeup

When it comes to removing makeup from acne-prone skin, make sure you go gently, and use a non-drying formula to help keep skin balanced and control sebum production. Le Baume Céleste is a certified-organic oil-in-gel makeup remover that dissolves makeup (even waterproof), while soothing and regulating even the most easily irritated skin. Enriched with soothing Blue Tansy Oil, antibacterial Coconut Oil, and anti-inflammatory Chaulmoogra Oil, Le Baume Céleste cares for acne-prone skin and works to restore its balance every time you remove makeup.


It’s important that you cleanse after removing makeup. The evening is the perfect time to deeply purify your skin and unclog blocked pores after a long day. Ideal for combination and oily skin that’s prone to blemishes and acne, Le Nettoyant Pureté removes impurities and traces of pollution that have built up on your skin. Rich in calming Roman Chamomile, astringent White Willow, and soothing Oat, this certified-organic, non-drying cleanser tightens pores, cares for your skin, and leaves it beautifully clean!



Before applying soothing and purifying skincare products, prep your skin with L’Essence Botanique PURETÉ. This certified-organic, rich botanical water works to regulate the skin and rid it of blemishes, and also has a gentle stimulating effect. It’s made with a blend of natural and organic active ingredients, including Hemp, Burdock and Myrtle. Wonderfully soothing, it helps to control excess sebum and heal acne scars.

Hydrate and nourish

Once you’ve removed makeup, cleansed and toned, give your skin the nutrients and active ingredients it needs to renew itself and stay balanced. For deep (but light!) hydration, look no further than Le Sérum Anti-Soif. Rich in Aloe Vera, Alpine Skullcap and Elderberry Flower, this serum replenishes your skin with moisture (+188% hydration in one hour!), and leaves it looking beautiful and moisturized, without any oily feel.

To nourish your skin and help it regenerate, combine Le Sérum Anti-Soif with La Crème de Santé. This extraordinary cream has a texture that’s so light, you could almost call it a lotion! With a formula rich in natural skin-regenerating and soothing ingredients, such as prebiotics, Honey and Hyssop extract, it works to hydrate, balance, and regulate the skin.

What about exfoliation?

Be careful when exfoliating acne-prone skin, as face scrubs can have an abrasive effect. If you use a scrub every week, this could make your skin more sensitive and upset the balance of its hydrolipidic film. You can still exfoliate, but once or twice a month is often enough. And make sure you use gentle, certified-organic formulas, like La Crème Gommante. The micro-granules in this face scrub have a rounded form, making it perfect for fragile and sensitized skin.

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