Tuning into Consciousness Connection – A Series of Ceremonies and Alignment Guides from UMA GAIA

Awakening consciousness connection allows us to zoom out, step back and see the grandeur picture. This provokes us to see the different shades, colors and shapes that bring a whole organic pure connected ‘painting one’s life’. We can see the purpose of trials and joys, light and dark. Show up for you, and open yourself to all the possibilities of this cosmic existence.  

Note: Release all mental capacity for understanding the Crown Chakra; the Sahasrara, let go, trust, surrender, see the divinity in all aspects of life itself. There is no separation between light and dark, love and fear, it all plays a role, we want to feel connected and supported by this connection with love, and knowing that fear is where we can learn, grow and transform. As the saying goes: “The Lotus, grows in the mud..” 

Chakra, Crystal & Element Awareness

Consciousness resides within the 7th Chakra, in the West known as the Crown Chakra and in traditional Sanskrit known as the Sahasrara. The location is directly on top of your beautiful head, it is represented by the thousand petal lotus and embodies the color violet. The element connected to the Crown is Ether. Pure consciousness; an awakening within the Crown; when one is in balance with their inner-wisdom and the ‘death’ of the physical body. If you are wanting to activate your Crown you can work with Celestite, for calming the Crown Sugilite is perfect and for balancing the Crown work with Amethyst.  

Note :  

  • Physical Action: Any Form of Meditation  
  • Mental Action: Universal Consciousness 
  • Emotional Action: Beingness / Oneness  
  • Spiritual Action: Unity and harmony through transcendental consciousness  

Thought Provoking Quote: 

“Meditation is to be aware of every thought and of every feeling, never to say it is right or wrong, but just to watch it and move with it. In that watching, you begin to understand the whole movement of thought and feeling. And out this awareness comes silence.” 

 Jiddu Krishnamurti  
Crédit : Laurie Biral

Note : Meditation is everything, it is a sense of awareness and space in all acts of the physical. You can be walking and meditating, you can be dancing, you can be looking at the sky. More space, more awareness, more acceptance, more peace, more consciousness.  

Quartz crystal sound meditation

Mind Body Spirit Guidance

A few activities and daily sequences to Awaken the Crown Consciousness Connection 

Intentions to Work with

Start your day with one, and raise your vibration in the morning so you can quickly shift throughout the day when different experiences/thoughts may come towards you and bring you to a lower level. Affirmations and intentions are the starting point to any and all actions, desires, dreams and goals. They are what create the momentum in the direction we want, it is the starting to point to everything, the intention is the most important and then the action will follow and guided by that center starting point from within you. Be gentle with yourself, there will be resistance, and you are on your way to resilience. Intention work takes time, release of self judgement and embracement of self. When Ego comes in: state: “I am on my way, I am working towards my intention, I am on the way…” 

  • “I am connected and supported at all times” 
  • “It is easy for me to release beliefs that no longer support me” 
  • “Clarity and inner knowing are always flowing towards me” 
  • “Everything is unfolding in divine timing”  
  • “As I trust and surrender, peace reveals itself” 

Yoga Positions for connecting to your inner wisdom, Crown connection and all aspects of universal consciousness

These positions will offer you a soft bridge to entering what some call ‘the Void’.

Mountain Pose

  1. Keep your feet hip width apart.
  2. Extend your spine tall and fix your gaze forward.
  3. Breath in and lift the right leg and place the sole of your right foot on your inner left leg (never on the knee). 
  4. Lift the torso up, take a deep breath and raise your arms up. 
  5. Joining hands in Namaste Mudra.
  6. Turn your gaze upwards and soften, feel the light and energy pouring down on you from above, you are connected to this pure Source energy at all times.  
  7. 5-7 breaths there and repeat on the other side. 

Savasana with Natural Object

  1. Laydown comfortably on your back, hands on stomach or facing the ground or facing the sky.  
  2. Have a natural object with you such as a piece of tree bark, a leaf, a stone, crystal, shell, feather anything from Nature and  practice your connection to it in Savasana.
  3. Connect to it by activating all your senses; what does it feel like, look like, smell like, what emotion does it bring it up, what does it represent, dive deep into the object observe it by the way of breath, meditation and pure connection.  

Left Eye Mirror Work 

  1. Take a few breaths, then look at yourself in the mirror, only with your left eye (cover the right with your hand).
  2. Gaze deep into your left eye, and repeat “I am connected to consciousness, and my spirit is always guiding me.” 
  3. Repeat this daily, begin to look at your friends, family and even strangers only with the left eye, notice how you can connect deeper with them and/yourself without even saying a word. 

Note: The right side of our bodies are ruled by the mental, physical, ego, masculine, father and action energy. The left side our bodies are ruled by the spirit, feminine, mother, intuition and the receiving energy.  

Crown tapping

With a gentle and strong loving intention tap the top of your Crown, by placing your index and middle finger at the top of your hairline and slowly slide your fingers to the center of your Crown (where you feel the little “indent or dip” is the center) stop here, and tap with intention and connect to your breath. Afterwards shake hands out and lovingly know you are softening and awakening the Crown. Repeat often.  

Journaling/Writing Sequence

Writing Belief System Out

  1. Begin writing/listing all that you believe in. This is going to strengthen your connection to Consciousness. Take time with this activity; be expansive here, what are your personal beliefs, social/cultural beliefs and overall life beliefs. A belief is simply a thought that you think on repeat giving it exponential power, making it a belief. We can change our thoughts we can change our beliefs. You want your belief system to uplift you, support you.  
  2. Really review your thoughts also known as your beliefs. This could also be a religion or a science belief, what do you believe in? Get it all out there on the paper so that you can take time to see what you are using as support a guidance system and release any beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.  

Example: if I say “I can’t dance” this is a belief that I have about myself that is blocking me from enjoying freedom of expression and movement. Thus, this is a belief that does not uplift me, and I would want to let go of it.  

Crown Consciousness Bath Ceremony  


  • 1 Cup Epsom Salt  
  • 1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar  
  • 11 Drops Each of Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Lotus or Water Lily Essential oil  
  • 4 White Roses, their petals  


  • Light a candle and honor the light within you  
  • Place all ingredients in the tub at a temperature of your choosing 
  • Place your crystals around the tub; Sugilite, Amethyst, Celestite and Clear Quartz  
  • Cleanse your aura with Palo Santo or Sage 
  • Look into the mirror with just your left eye and repeat your chosen intention 
  • Step into the bath and dunk your head 
  • Place the crystals in the tub with, Near your Crown  
  • Take eleven deep breaths in and out, call in your connection to Spirit and the Grandeur of Life, the deep peace and space of the Universe  
  • Feel it flowing into your Heart to your Crown 
  • Let the energy flow around you, bathe and soak in your own healing  
  • Repeat your intention again in your heart and third eye  
  • Step out of the tub and hug yourself with unconditional love and deep understanding you are divinely connected at all times no matter what.  
  • Shake your limbs and smile big, release and see your gentle expansion  
  • If you can collect as much of the bath water, petals and herbs and offer it to Nature, whether that’s indoor plant, a garden, park or sidewalk tree.  
  • Place your crystals in the moonlight to be charged and place your written intention next to them.