Facial analysis techniques with Julia Edgely – Forehead

To begin with our facial analysis series, I want to chat to you about the forehead and what indications to address. I want to talk to you about lines, irritations, skin texture and acne. What these signs mean and a few ideas of how to rebalance our bodies.

I have noticed over the years a strong connection between the forehead and our digestive systems. Our digestive system runs from our mouth, (yes chewing is the first action of the digestive system), to the anus and consists of the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestines and large intestines. Thats a large area to manifest onto our foreheads. In the video I am chatting to you about what these symptoms means.

Over all we could all do with some help in the digestive department.  There are a few “rules” I give to my patients in regarding to a healthy digestive system. Treat it with care, it has a lot of work to do !

1. “Eat your water”, meaning every day consume fresh fruit and vegetables. These contain a lot of water and contribute to staying hydrated.

2. Eat the correct form of fibre. Make sure to consume daily resistant starch and soluble fibre.

3. Eat slowly and take your time with your food. Enjoy what you are eating a savour every mouthful. Pleasure and enjoyment give us such a beautiful glow, that no highlighter can match.

4. Breath deeply while enjoying your meal. The muscle also associated with our digestion is the diaphragm. The correct movement of the diaphragm increases the efficiency of our digestion. But with habitual shallowing breathing, sometimes learning to “breath” again can take some time.