April’s female archetype: The Warrioress, the one who protects.

Female archetypes, an introduction to connecting with your ever-changing, cyclic feminine nature. April’s female archetype: the warrioress, the one who protects.

Imagine those first days of spring, the snow melting on the trees, water dripping from the branches. Winter has shed its cloak, and young shoots push their way up through the earth, determined to reach the daylight. At the gateway to this space-time, you’ll find the Warrioress archetype.  

She is powerful, stands tall, her gaze impetuous. She holds a golden shield and wears jewels made from sparkling metal. Dazzling, she radiates a glow, as if the sun shone from within.            

The Warrioress defends the sacred territory of life

Like a mother who protects her newborn child, she invites us to place safe barriers around our lives. She gives us the strength to set our limits with others and our environment.

The Warrioress brings out our self-confidence

She enables us to find our inner strength, so we can assert our needs and desires. She helps us to have confidence in ourselves and develop our self-esteem.

Guided by the Warrioress, we learn to make conscious decisions about what is good and beneficial for us. Conversely, we find it in ourselves to say no to what is bad for us, toxic or dangerous. This allows us to optimize our vital energy. We take responsibility for our actions and emotions.

The Warrioress knows how to make difficult decisions

She thinks clearly and rationally, and uses her sense of discernment to make difficult decisions. She won’t hesitate to break with the ways of the past if necessary, or let go of unhealthy relationships. She gives us the strength to say no when we have to, so we can focus our energy on ourselves or defend our convictions.

These questions will help you reflect further, either alone or with those close to you

  • What aspects of your life need to be protected or defended?
  • Do you succeed in making others respect your values, your decisions, your truth?
  • Are you capable of setting clear and safe boundaries in your life?            
  • Do you know how to clearly communicate your needs and desires, and can you say no when something isn’t right?  
  • Are there fears that hold you back in life?   

Extract of my book “Femme Prêtresse” (Woman & Priestess), published by Editions Leduc, 2021

Ritual: the little stick figures

The Warrioress, the one who protects, knows how to set clear boundaries so she can protect her life and lead it on the path she has chosen. This simple ritual is a way to define your limits or break the bonds that prevent you from moving forward.  The stick figures technique is a psychomagical act that you can use to break away from a toxic relationship or a negative situation that is an obstacle in your life.

You can apply this technique to yourself and another person, or to yourself and a situation that you wish to put an end to, such as a state of anger, a persistent problem with your partner, etc.  

Personally, I like to do this ritual consciously, in a meditative state. Begin by choosing a particular time, such as on the evening of a full moon. Then create a purified space, free of negative vibes, by burning some incense or a small bunch of medicinal plants. Sit down at a table and place upon it a blank sheet of paper, a pen, and a pair of scissors. You could also add some stones or crystals to enhance the atmosphere. You should feel comfortable and relaxed.

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and focus on the situation or person you want to let go of. Think distinctly about the bonds between them and you, then visualize a white light around the whole situation.

Now open your eyes and take the sheet of paper. On the left-hand side, draw a stick figure that represents you and write your first name below it. On the right-hand side, draw another stick figure to represent the person with whom you have a toxic bond that you wish to break. If you want to focus on a situation or theme, draw a rectangle and write the situation or theme inside it.

Next, trace a circle around your stick figure to symbolize a circle of light and protection around you. Do the same with the person or rectangle on the other side of the paper, to show that, regardless of the outcome, you want things to work out for them. Finally, trace a large “circle of light” around both stick figures (or stick figure and rectangle) as if to shine light on everything.

Once you’ve done this, you’re going to materialize the bonds between you and this person, situation or theme by drawing seven lines to link them. These lines correspond to the seven chakras. Begin with the root chakra, then the sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and finally, the crown chakra.

Take a moment to look at these bonds and think about what they have brought into your life, both positive and negative. When you’re ready, take the scissors and cut the sheet of paper in half to separate the two stick figures. Then say out loud a few words of completion, such as, “It’s done. I’ve let go of a situation that isn’t serving me anymore!”

You can throw away the two pieces of paper or extend the ritual by burning them in a small bowl. While this ritual is very simple, it’s also very powerful and liberating! I would advise you not to do it when you’re in a state of anger, but when you’re feeling calm and controlled, and after thinking long and hard about the situation that is no longer working for you. When this ritual is performed correctly, it will leave you feeling lighter and more positive!

Technique invented by Jacques Martel, author of Le grand dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies (The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases).