6 tips to care for your skin in summer

On sunny days, skin needs protection and repair more than ever! Sand, salt, chlorine… the epidermis dries out on contact with them. What better way to take care of your skin than during the summer months? In winter, the cold and dry air from heaters are harsh on the skin, but in summer, moisturizing must be intense and light to better withstand periods of intense heat. In addition to your skincare routine, make sure to increase your water intake and supplement yourself with Omega 3.

Gentle and purifying cleansing  

Although we tend to wear less make-up in the summer, cleansing the skin helps to reduce skin humidity and excess sebum, which are more frequent during hot weather.

Le Nettoyant Pureté (purifying gel cleanser), which both cleanses and removes make-up, soothes sensitive skin before and after sun exposure. This is an important step if you want to regulate your skin and avoid acne.

Le Nettoyant Pureté

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Exfoliate before exposure to the sun   

Exfoliating the skin in summer helps remove dead cells, smoothes the epidermis and encourages cell renewal… as long as you do it before sunbathing, no more than once a week and never in case of sunburn.

Coarse grains, such as almond pits, sugar or salt, are very irritating to the skin. Prefer gentle enzymatic scrubs like our Crème Gommante and use it only in the evening, as the AHAs it contains can be photosensitizing. 

La Crème Gommante

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A comforting mask   

To repair and regenerate your skin, you can enjoy a moisturizing mask several times a week if necessary. Depending on the formula, it can soothe redness and skin irritation caused by the sun rays, replenish moisture levels and restore radiance to the skin. It’s also a good excuse to really rest and do nothing for at least 15 minutes!

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Intense & light hydration  

It’s no secret: heat and humidity make your skin oilier. While it’s important to avoid aggressive ingredients, such as retinoids or powerful acids that are not compatible with the sun, your daily moisturizer must be both nourishing and fluid. A light, water-based texture, will absorbed more easily by the skin and won’t leave a greasy finish. La Brume Systémique, which can be applied all day long, will be your summer must-have if you are looking for easy skincare!

Our best routine to tackle dehydration

La Brume Systémique

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Sun protection  

The recommended sunscreen is SPF 50, which blocks around 98% of UVB rays on all skin types. Many people think they won’t be able to achieve a lovely tan with this type of protection, but a gradual tan is the healthiest and most durable way to gain some colors.

When searching for the perfect SPF, opt for ingredients that respect both the body and the environment, such as mineral filters like zinc oxide. Avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. as it is when it’s the most dangerous. And don’t forget: hat, cap, clothes and sunglasses should be your first protection.

After-sun care

The very purpose of after-sun care is to soothe, moisturize and repair the skin after exposure. A formula with aloe vera is ideal, such as the Sérum Anti-Soif or the Crème du Soir! This plant is rich in water and polysaccharides, which help retain moisture in the skin. These products can be applied after a refreshing shower to help remove residues of sun cream, salt and chlorine. Well-moisturized, well-cared-for skin keeps an even, longer-lasting tan.    

Aloe-vera rich formulas

Le Sérum Anti-Soif

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