The benefits of face yoga, with Sylvie Lefranc

Since 2017, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Sylvie Lefranc, an expert in face yoga, which she teaches with passion and precision. At the age of 25, Sylvie discovered Hatha yoga. She has been developing her face yoga methods ever since, combining this Indian yoga – which focuses on controlling the body and senses – with Ayurvedic massage. Sylvie teaches gentle, natural facial exercises to women who want their skin to be smooth, plumped and radiant. She is now launching a new book, Yoga du Visage, and so we’re delighted to place her in the spotlight during this Pro-Age week. Discover a few techniques to help you take care of your skin naturally this winter, with some simple and effective face yoga exercises.

Firm cheeks and high cheekbones

Tone your cheek muscles

1) Purse your lips so your mouth is as small as possible, then fill your cheeks with air.
2) Press the fingertips of your right hand on the upper lip so that you flatten it against your teeth, preventing folds from forming above and below the lips.
3) Make sure you breathe through your nose. 
4) Next, transfer the air from one cheek to the other, going slowly and “squeezing” as much air as possible into the space. (It should be difficult to press your fingers into the cheek filled with air.)
5) Continue to push air from one cheek to the other for 30 to 60 seconds.
6) Repeat this exercise twice.   

Younger-looking eyes

Tone the eyelids and reduce puffiness

his exercise enables you to reduce dark circles and tone the eyelids.  

1) Make your mouth into an “O” shape and cover your teeth with your lips while trying to stretch the “O” as far as possible.
2) Place your index fingers horizontally below your eyes, pointing toward your nose.
3) Look up to the ceiling and flutter your upper eyelids for about 30 seconds. The only thing that should move is your upper eyelids; the rest of your body should stay

Contraindications: Do not do this exercise if your frontalis (forehead) muscle contracts when you practice it, leading to the formation of horizontal lines.   

Tone the eye area and stimulate circulation

Inspired by eye yoga, this exercise is excellent for toning the muscles around the eye area and stimulating circulation. It really wakes up the eyes.   

1) Hold your head straight and focus your gaze on a point in front of you.
2) Without moving your head, neck or face, move your eyes toward the right.
3)  Bring your eyes back to the middle, then move them toward the left.
4) Bring them back to the middle, then look up to the ceiling.
5) Bring your eyes back to the middle again, then look down to the floor. 
6) Keep your eyes gently closed for a few seconds, then start again, repeating all the movements twice.    

If your frontalis (forehead) muscle contracts during this exercise, especially when you look upward, use one hand to keep your forehead still and prevent it from wrinkling. Make sure that only your eyes move during this exercise, and not your head. If in doubt, rest your chin on your fist to keep it still.

7) Open your eyes very wide, focusing on a point far in front of you, without raising your eyebrows. Make yourself feel as if you were stretching all the muscles of your face outward. Hold the position for four breaths, then close your eyes and relax them.

You’ll find all these exercises and more (in French) in Sylvie’s book, Yoga du Visage, and on her website :  and her YouTube  channel : Yoga Visage  

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