Patrick Jouffret


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His story...


Partick Jouffert is a French designer born in Nancy (France) in 1972. He founded Atelier 360 in 2006.

Through design, he wants to create objects that free the mind. This wish goes through the work of material and finding innovative solutions that he develops in order to perpetuate the history of the brands which he chooses to work with.

Those projects thought as a whole, consider the history behind brands and the people who bring them to life while keeping the industrial constraints in mind, creating a real quest of excellence.

Whether it’s a bicycle designed for the Olympic Games, an oceanographic cage that goes at 4000m deep, or furniture, he gives each of these projects essential importance and thus creates objects that are functional, perennial and timeless.

Today based in Toulon, Patrick Jouffret and his team, work with companies in a wide variety of sectors and regularly receive awards for their creations.

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