The beauty of objects, J for Jarre

To evoke Beauty, Patrick Jouffret, French designer, has chosen to talk about objects created by humans to fulfill their dreams. According to him, beyond fashions and statuses, they make something functional beautiful, mark chapters in our history, and show how our needs have evolved. Through his subjective selection, in the form of an alphabet book, Patrick wants to explore their hidden dimension which makes them unique, timeless and essential. After the letter I (for Isolator), let’s make way for the letter J… for Jarre! Objects tell us a story of everyday life and reflect their time.

In the xxth century, the digitization and miniaturization of products has progressively smoothed out the forms because there is no longer much to show of their functioning.

Other objects remain immune to this mutation because they are devoid of complex technology. The bowl or the jar owe their evolution to the needs of capacity of transport or raw materials. When these objects are the last witnesses of a culture, of a group of individuals, they allow us to project ourselves.

So, the care given to a handle, the intelligence of the shape to allow stackability or ornamentation on an everyday object creates a link with these people regardless of the time that separates us.