5 Ways Series: Understanding Subtle Messages

Have you ever felt that the Universe is trying to tell you something, but you don’t know how to translate it? This is because you might not know the language of the Universe just yet, but once you learn the ‘Universes Lingo’, your life will be transformed and in total you will feel more connected to yourself, your experiences and of course the grand magical Universe that is unwavering and always there for you.

This is where subtle messages come in: they are messages we receive from the Universe via our own subtle energy and awareness of our experiences, interactions and life exchanges.

Here are five simple ways to tune into the subtle messages and divine guidance the Universe has to offer:

1. Nourish the ability to receive – Be honest with yourself and level to receive. Know that a lot of the time we ‘think’ we are ready to receive, when in fact we are not. Begin simply by cultivating a connection with the ‘Receiving Energy’ within you. And remember that you must be willing to receive the messages no matter the outcome and that the Universe has your back in the highest good for all. 

2. Watch Out for Patterns – For example, a subtle message may be sent to you by seeing the same thing of something repeatedly in many different forms and places you go: such as a number, animal, word, person, shape, color and so on, and so forth. Take note of these patterns and lean into them and the messages they are trying to tell you.

3. Pay Close Attention – The Universe is always showing you signs and subtle messages, but many of us don’t ‘see’ them or even look close enough to see them, when they are clearly right in-front of us. Pay close attention and detail to your environments, experiences and interactions and the patterns that arise. Perhaps even journal and note them down so that you can sit with the information later and receive the message that are revealing to you.

4. Deepen Inner Trust – Soften into trusting your own inner guidance, this will allow you to be sensitive to all the messages the Universe is sending you. Start with trusting yourself more and build a strong inner-compass. When we rely on others to tell us what is best for us, we remove ourselves from the equation. We know the answers most of the time, but we are afraid to hear them or listen to them, we feel ‘wobbly’ in our own self-trust and in-return we don’t have space within our own doubt to receive the messages the Universe is ending us.

5. Harness Your Third Eye – Subtle messages are received via the Third Eye/The Ajna/The 6th Chakra, you know the one that sits right between your eyebrows. Increase your connection to your Intuition rather than your mental. Begin to honor not only your Physical Being but your Spiritual Being as well. A known example of this is: being able to feel or even see someone else’s energy before they arrive, such as knowing your partner is about to be home and then they walk through the door, or when you look at someone you can see the color of their Aura, or you know what someone is going to say before they say it. A lot of the times, these sensations come naturally with people we have an existing deep connection with – the goal is to expand this outwardly.