May’s female archetype: The Lover, the one who radiates

Female archetypes, an introduction to connecting with your ever-changing, cyclic feminine nature. May’s female archetype: the Lover, the one who radiates.

Imagine the peak of spring, that time of effervescence when nature is constantly in celebration. It’s the season of happiness, joy and wonder! Days are getting longer and warmer, and laughter flows again. The air seems to be filled with the softess, sweetest music, and it makes our heats bloom. It’s this enchanted atmosphere that surrounds the archetype of the Lover.

Graceful and sensual, she is the one who embodies Beauty. She wears a flower in her hair and carries a mirror in her hands. A pale pink light seems to glow around her. She is captivating, and emanates the spirit of spring.

The Lover makes us feel alive

Just like spring, she makes our hearts flutter with happiness. She wants us to appreciate all the colors of life. She’s fascinated by scents and flowers, and loves to take her time, slow down and enjoy the moment. She has a kind, romantic soul, and a devoted, sincere, generous nature. Everyday, she welcomes grace into her life. For her, life is a celebration! She opens our hearts to joy.        

The Lover is amazed by life’s perfection

She marvels at all the little miracles of everyday life. She wants us to put aside our preconceptions and accept what we have experienced as something perfect. For her, there is no wrong. She invites us to be reconciled with our wounds, our regrets, our disappointments. She encourages us to change the way we see all the marks, scars and scratches that life has left on our hearts and bodies. Regardless of the path life has taken, the Lover wants every woman to be overwhelmed by the beauty of her feminine nature.

The Lover appreciates beautiful things

She finds attraction in the material world. She is an aesthete who has a sense of harmony and an eye for detail. She knows how to marry colors and textures. She is drawn to all things rare and unique: silky materials, combed cotton sheets, exotic teas and plants, etc.      

The Lover invites us to explore the pleasures of the senses

She is the mistress of pleasure. She feels things with passion, intensity and love. She surrenders to the delights of life and draws us into a world of epicureanism. Tasting a juicy fruit, breathing in a floral scent, touching a satin-soft fabric… All this things stir her senses and transports her to a state of pure bliss.         

These questions will help you reflect further, either alone or with those close to you

  • What is your definition of Love?       
  • Do you listen to your five senses?               
  • How could you bring more feelings of joy and love into your life?
  • Are you kind to yourself?                                                                 
  • What does the expression “falling in love with your own life” mean to you?

Taken from my book “Femme Prêtresse” (Woman & Priestess), published by Editions Leduc, 2021

Ritual : bring out your Lover archetype by creating a mandala 

The Lover invites you to fall in love with your own life! She encourages you to be joyful and create beauty, to manifest your dreams and desires.

Using flowers, crystals, semi-precious stones, or any other element that inspires you, make a mandala to celebrate your inner Lover.

  1. Gather your elements
    Start by gathering the elements you want to include in your design: tumbled stones, quartz, flower petals, etc. Go to the florist and choose some flowers. Let your heart be your guide, and select flowers whose colors, shapes and scents your are naturally drawn to.
    You can also go for a walk in nature to find inspirational elements according to the season or the energy of the moment. If you go wild picking, make sure you do so carefully and consciously, so as not to disrupt existing ecosystems.

2. Choose the right time
When you’re ready, find somewhere calm that is the perfect place for your creation, and sit down.

3. Start at the center
Take a few breaths to anchor yourself, decide where the center of your mandala will be, and place your main element there. Feel free to place anything that reflects the way you feel: a candle, a crystal, a statuette, a flower, etc. (Find Alexandra’s mandalas right here.)

4. Follow your intuition
Be instinctive and let your feelings guide you. Position the elements spontaneously and without thinking about it. Immerse yourself in this moment and let your creativity flow.

5. Admire your art
Gaze at your creation. Observe the symmetries, the beauty it exudes. Take your time and let it seep into you. You may find a meaning in your completed mandala. Keep it for as long as you want. 

6. Deconstruct
When you feel the time is right, sweep away your mandala, just as a wave might sweep away a sand castle on the beach. There’s a certain beauty and freedom in this gesture. Put your trust in the ephemeral nature of life, its cycles of construction and destruction.

7. Clean
Take back your objects and stones, and purify them in incense smoke or with a stick made from dried plants. You could also give your flowers a second life by using them to your bath, for example! 

I hope you enjoy making beautiful creations that radiate love!