June’s female archetype: The Muse, communication and creativity

Female archetypes, an introduction to connecting with your ever-changing, cyclic feminine nature. June’s female archetype: the Muse, communication and creativity.

In the Wheel of the Priestess, the month of June is dedicated to the Muse Archetype. The Muse sits in the zodiac house of Gemini. This is the house of communication, learning, creativity, writing, speech, mouvement and travelling.

Before we begin, I would like you to know that the Muse is a joyful and light hearted archetype ! She carries the energy of the month of June, the excitement of the end of the school year, summer approaching, the loud and vivid colors of the flowers in season. A buzzing energy is in the air during this time of the year.

She is fusing with creativity. She paints the canvas of her life because she knows she is the artist of her earthly voyage. She is a gypsy who dances with the divine spirits and the flow of life. She encapsulates magic and reveals it through all forms of expression.

The Muse is the poet, the writer, the musician, the dancer, the drawer, the sculptor, the painter, the artisan, the storyteller, the creator, the teacher, the seeress ! Her mission is to spark creativity everywhere she goes. She is playful, cheerful, she has the innocence and freshness of children. If you try to capture her, she will disappear immediately. If you subject her to a rigid schedule, you will arouse her anger. If you honor her joyful spontaneity, she will flood your life with infinite flows of inspiration !

The Muse is the one who invites us to run through the forests, play with the flowers, admire all colors, and celebrate the warmth of the sun on our skins. She is one who writes a poem when the wind blows through her hair. She unites with the colors of our soul and protects the singularity of our gifts and talents. She dissolves our blocages, our fears to free our voices and make space for our Souls to speak.

When life feels heavy and oppressive, it’s time to activate your inner Muse ! Her Magic will unlock the doors of your daily routine and make way for a divine freedom of expression.


© Danica Gim

To activate the Muse into your life, begin by asking yourself which subjects, people or places inspire you most?

In which moments do you feel touched by grace?

Touched by life and it’s beauty?

Take a comfortable position and place your attention on your breath. Gently close your eyes and use your breath to calm the thinking mind and slowly soften into dreamlike levels of awareness. Imagine the MUSE inside of yourself. Imagine that you are naturally inspired and guided by your effervescent creativity. Imagine that your ways of expression are infinite.

Then, visualize your main attributes as a Muse.

What do you look like?

What clothes are you wearing ? Which hairstyle, which perfume?

Which tools or instruments surround you?

What is your main source of inspiration?

After invoking your inner Muse, listen closely.

What does she need or want?

What breath of inspiration wants to come through you?

Which creations want to be birthed through you?

Take time to address this inner dialogue with your Muse. Maybe the messages you will receive will not come under the form of images, but rather sensations or intuitions. Feel free to write your feelings in a journal or to create a vision board.

Repeat this dialogue with your inner Muse as much as needed. The answers you might be getting today will surely be different from those you will be getting in 3 months from now. It is truly nourishing and important to keep the conversation canal open with your Muse!


© Bosquetro

The Muse excels in the art of communication, she is the one who unlocks voices. She teaches us how to express ourselves clearly and how to communicate freely and wholeheartedly with others. She helps us feel alive, free and filled with creative energy. She invites us to let our creativity run through us and discover new ways of expression. The Muse appreciates movement, she knows that when our energy is stagnant, the natural flow of life is blocked. She reminds us to be fluid.

Sometimes, simply moving our bodies, dancing, singing, running is enough to feel our hearts beat through our chest. The fluids in our body begin to circulate and this movement opens a new field of possibilities. Personally, I appreciate placing an intention before a sport session to give meaning to my practice (with whichever practice : yoga, running, boot camp). It helps me work with my energy. I visualize the old energy disappearing and the new one manifesting. This fluidity is also essential in our way of communicating. Sometimes we stay blocked, stuck with a repetitive pattern, unable to express ourselves. We feel unheard, or misunderstood.

There are many mechanisms to learn how to express our needs, our emotions but the next time you feel stuck, try giving a color or a shape to your voice by painting it for example, or by drawing it. Or try singing or dancing with your voice, with the emotion you are trying to express for example. Then, try to express your voice again with words.

I remember a specific evening when I was feeling sad and angry. My husband was trying to get me to express my feelings but everything felt confusing to me and I had the feeling that if he kept trying to get things out of me, I would probably end up lashing out on him!

In the midst of this confusion, I could distinguish a small voice telling me I wanted to sing. I am not a musician but I had just purchased an indian harmonium (an organlike keyboard instrument ) and I simply wanted to give it a try and place my voice on this instrument. I felt that my anger and sadness would be safe and free with this way of expression. So I isolated myself and sang, played, cried during a moment that felt really short whereas it actually lasted 2 hours!

This evening, all my emotions ended up turning into joy. The joy of being alive, the joy of being sensitive, the joy of listening to myself, the joy of having found a new means of expression… and the joy of singing 😉

I am sharing this experience to encourage you in finding new ways of expression to free your voice!

Creative rituals

Creativity, just for the sake of it

© Alexandra Mac Donald

Gift yourself the possibility to create something just for your pleasure and just to respond to the joy of creating. The word “muse” is in the word “amusement”. Creativity’s ally is amusement!

Is there anything you have been wanting to craft with your hands for a while?

A drawing, a painting, a flower mandala, a dream catcher?

Have you been wanting to dance, sculpt, sing, or try a new music instrument?

Allow yourself to put your methodological result orientated mind aside. Spontaneously and intuitively, respond to your inner calling of creativity. It doesn’t need to be beautiful, nor perfect, your art doesn’t need to be shared or admired. The idea is to create something that will give you joy, reveal your spontaneity and hold space for your inner Muse!

Creating a circle of creativity with friends

Gather with some of your friends for a creative sharing circle. Invite the participants to come speak about a meaningful creation.They can play a song, read a poem, tell a story, speak about a text they wrote or share anything about their creative passions. Creating a circle of creativity will make inspiration flow around the room ! We all need to be at times the one who inspires, and at times the one being inspired.

Creating a sacred altar at home to invite your Muse

Find a space in your home that you would like to devote to your Muse during an entire moon cycle.

Select pictures and illustrations to invoke this archetype:

  • Women who embody the Muse with their eloquence, their mindset, their extravagance, their art
  • Goddesses associated with creativity like Saraswati, the 9 Muses etc.

Select objects that represent your relationship to creativity:

  • An unfinished work of art?
  • A finished work of art that makes you proud?
  • One of your favorite artist piece?
  • Objects that speak to your soul and deeply inspire you?

You can also add semi precious stones to stimulate your creativity like carnelian, celestite or orange calcite. BE CREATIVE and listen to your intuition to set up your space ! Let it be an offering to celebrate and nourish your Muse.


The word “inspiration” in french, is the same to describe the divine spark bringing illuminations to artists and the action by which air enters the lungs for an inhale. This symbolises that inspiration (inhalation) is what keeps us alive ! She is the air that maintains us physically alive. She is the divine breath that keeps us spiritually alive.

I paint flowers so they will not die.

Frida Kahlo
© Danielle Noel