Holding Hands with Trust – A Series of Ceremonies and Alignment Guides from UMA GAIA

“In the life we generally lead there is very little solitude. Even when we are alone our lives are crowded by so many influences, so much knowledge, so many memories of so many experiences, so much…” – Krishnamurti

This excerpt reveals that when we acquire experiences in life, we store them, we catalogue them, and then we refer to them or others for direction and decision-making. But how can we hear through all these different voices, experiences, and opinions to be able to listen to ourselves, to trust ourselves, and in-turn trust the exchanges we have and the people we meet. There is a saying “trust blindly” but this “blindness” is trust together with powerful discernment.

How do we harness trust, the divine ability to trust ourselves first and with honor and then be able to trust others with clear discernment? Trust is one of the most difficult abilities mankind has, and yet it is innate within us. To trust yourself, is to know yourself and to know yourself is to trust yourself; all aspects; the love and the fears; the joyous memories and the painful ones; it is to take ownership over your path and walk it with dignity.

There are certain steps to uplifting and holding hands with ‘Trust’, but by far the most important is forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself first and then forgiveness of others and the happenings. If we cannot forgive, we cannot truly trust ourselves or others again, since this hardened and painful experience builds a wall up between you, yourself, and future exchanges. And it is hard to trust when there is a wall separating you.

The second step is being open to reflection, repair, and growth. For yourself, how did you lose the trust, what part did you take in it? Reflect on where you were when you lost trust and how you got there, reflect without harshness or judgement, but simply reflect on that moment in time which played a part in your divine unfoldment and life journey. After reflection, take time to heal and repair those wounds, to take down the wall ‘brick by brick’.

The third step is growth, after you have reflected, forgiven, repaired, and healed it is time to grow, it is time to move forward and release yourself from the bonds that hold you back from trusting yourself and others again. Growth from your experience, growth into your ownership and growth but letting go.

To trust yourself and the ability to trust yourself is to stay true to you, to know you are the priority for you in the most loving and compassionate way. To trust yourself is to know you can overcome any trauma or difficulty comes your way and not allow it to harden you but to strengthen you.

Intentions for building Trust:

  • I trust myself at all times.
  • It is safe for me to trust and let go.
  • As I open my heart I trust and forgive.
  • I forgive myself, others and set us free.
  • My trust is true, strong and guides me.
  • It is easy for me to trust myself and others.
  • My trust and discernment are a priority.

Chakra Knowledge:

The resonance of trust is sewn throughout all seven main Chakras. But it begins and is most prominently residing in the Root/Base/Premier Chakra in Sanskrit known as the Muladhara. Which directly translates to: Mula “root” and adhara “support” or “base” In this first Chakra energy center is where are seeds of trust are planted into the ground and become our roots like a tree. To have strong roots they must be secure, and this means there must be trust. (The second main Chakra trust resides in is the Heart, see the Unconditional Love or Forgiveness Guides)

Crystal Knowledge:

There are a few crystals you can work with that directly relates to the resonance of building trust and the root Chakra. For example, Red Jasper, Emerald, Hematite, Tigers Eye and Smokey Quartz. Use these crystals during meditation, carry them with you, place them on your altar with a trusting intention, also place them directly on your lower naval or near your feet while you rest.

Movement Support:

Connecting to trust, means getting your feet firmly on the Earth. Feeling the ground beneath you and your roots sprawling outward. You can simply go for a walk-in nature, go for a jog, take a mountain hike, enjoy your favorite yoga or fitness class.

Journal Support:

When you reference any of our other guides you will notice journaling is quite important and so it is trust as well. Use this journal prompt to help you re-build your internal and external trust: “To trust myself I must feel comfortable in my own skin, to forgive and know my own values; what are my values, where can I still forgive and what areas of myself am I hiding from?”

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrate