Five Fundamentals to Charging & Cleansing Crystals

Reconstituting crystal energy

As you know from my previous article on Quartz science that Quartz is a conductor, receiver, and transformer of energy, it is essential that we as the users of the Quartz take time to cleanse it, clear it and charge it from time to time. This allows the exterior energy that enters the crystal to be removed and replenished. You can think of it as when your clothes are “dirty” they need to be washed, or when the “trash is full” it needs to be taken out a new bag put in the trashcan. Same thing applies to working crystals, they need to be purified and charged.

There are many ways to clean crystals and there are many ways to charge crystals. You can combine techniques or use the ones you prefer, the most important is that you do this periodically for your crystal’s peace and happiness. As the crystal is alive, you can ask the crystal or feel when the crystal needs a “good washing” or to be set with a new intention.   

Go ahead, explore the below options, and then have fun and go take care of all the powerful crystals just waiting to be nurtured by you!

The Full Moon

You can charge and clean your crystals with every full moon, you simple gather them all up and place them together on a plate or tray and place them in your windowsill or if you can outside on your balcony or in your garden, on the eve of the full moon (every month). The crystals will then bathe in the resonance of the full moon, which will automatically cleanse and charge them for the up-coming month. Even if you do not have direct moonlight it is simply the intention that counts, what I mean is even if the moon doesn’t hit your windowsill directly or is covered by clouds the resonance of the full moon is still there and will reach the crystals.  


Palo Santo and Sage

You can charge and cleanse crystals with palo santo, sage or by smudging them. This is a gentle way to clean your crystals whenever you feel they need it. Simply light your preferred and waft the smoke around the crystals (using a feather or feathers to move the smoke would even be more ideal)  



A great way to charge and purify is to use another crystal called Selenite. You can get a selenite plate, or wand or flat piece and place your crystals on-top of it for a few hours or even a few days. The selenite will pull out all the low energy from the crystals and dissipate it back into the universe. Selenite is a like a water filter for crystals. (just be sure that the crystal you are cleaning can be in contact with Selenite’s properties)  


The earth, cradle of energy

Crystals also love to be charged in their native home, the Earth. If you feel called to place your crystals back in the Earth to be cleaned, you can dig a small hole or use a house plant and place the crystal directly in the Earth or wrap it in a delicate cloth. You can leave the crystal in their “home” for as long as you feel is needed. This is a technique specifically used for crystal that breaks, in this case the crystal sides that broke will be sealed by the power of the earth and made whole again. For this aspect, you will want to leave the crystal in the Earth for at least one lunar cycle.  


Crystal Cleanse Breath

Lastly, the most efficient and powerful way to cleanse and set your crystal with an intention is by doing the “Crystal Cleanse Breath”. This can be done as many times as you would like.  

Take the crystal in your hands. 

-Big inhales and exhales (tight and direct) into the crystal, rotate the crystal slowly hitting all angles with your breath. You will do this to all parts of the crystal and until you feel it has been cleansed with your breath and energy, it will let you know when it is (listen with your third eye and heart).  

-Once the breath is completed, lovingly take the crystal in your hands; bring-to-heart-center and repeat in your minds eye your choice intention (this is what you will want the crystal to do with you, make it a direct short phrase or a word just like we do for our intentions).  

-After your intention is chosen, send the intention into the crystal via your heart and all your mind/body/soul while you are holding it. 

-One more round of breaths towards the crystal this time, repeating the intention in your minds- eye and sending it into the crystal (you will know when this is done) 

Send gratitude and unconditional love to the crystal and thank it

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