Alice Vivian


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Her story...


Lecturer, consultant in social innovation and corporate wellness, Alice is a certified yoga teacher, she teaches yoga-therapy, mindfulness and NVC (non-violent communication). She is also the founder of Mojom.

Passionate also about neuroscience applied to the talent activation, she mixes these disciplines in order to imagine new forms of pedagogy based on a “head, heart and body” approach. Stress management, well-being at work, body and leadership… She founded in 2018 the Mojom concept and company where she aims to bring empowerment and well-being tools to accompany changes. Her research topics: “The future of work”, “The urgency of deceleration” and “Reconnecting Body – Mind: new pedagogies for tomorrow”.
She also devotes time to the associative world where she shares the benefits of yoga with people in physical or social precariousness.

Find out more about Alice through her Beauty Interview just here and follow her on Instagram @alice_and_wonderlands or where she shares all her wellness tips.

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