Farewell, la Crème de l’Homme…

But why stop making a moisturizer many of our male customers loved and purchased for years, you might ask?

Let’s rewind the story of Absolution: when I launched Absolution in September 2009, I unveiled a limited range of 8 products: L’Eau Soir et Matin cleansing water, La Crème du Jour day cream (which became La Crème Beau Jour), La Crème du Soir night cream, La Crème de L’Homme “men’s” cream, and 4 boosters (serums) dedicated to specific skin moods. Most of them are still part of your daily routine; some have had their formulations optimized, while others have had their name and/or packaging changed. But some of them are now history, and La Crème de L’Homme is one of them.

Firstly, for the sake of coherence: as you know, all our products provide benefits regardless of age, gender, or skin type. It was therefore always necessary to explain why we had a product dedicated to men when our other creams could perfectly suit them. The reason is that there wasn’t really one, except that 15 years ago, the market was more segmented, and some men might have hesitated to use a non-gendered product.

The second reason is related to thoughtful production : our aim has always been to develop a range of highly effective, ultra-pleasant skincare products with excellent value for money, to grow the company in a healthy and fair way. This also involves careful management of our production and investments. Continuing to produce a product that “works” but is no longer necessary in the range was no longer justifiable with respect to our values.

So, La Crème de L’Homme is leaving us after 15 years of good and loyal service, and we are pleased to recommend to men La Crème Beau Jour (antioxidant), La Crème de Santé (balancing), La Crème Riche (nourishing), or La Crème du Temps (pro-age) to continue taking care of their skin!

Find your new certified-organic moisturizer

La Crème Beau Jour

52 €
Every day is a good day!
4.8 285 reviews

La Crème de Santé

42 €
It’s all about balance!
4.7 235 reviews

La Crème Riche

62 €
Intense nourishing face cream
4.8 93 reviews

La Crème du Temps

69 €
Complete pro-aging moisturizer for mature skin
4.7 192 reviews

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