Cinq avantages à utiliser les cristaux     

“Crystals are like multi-vitamins for the soul.”  

– unknown  

Crystals and Healing

Crystals can be used not only to heal yourself, others but also all environments and areas that the crystal is in. This ability comes from their innate healing capacity which can be read about in the previous articles on science of crystals and how to cleanse and charge crystals.

Crystals are vehicles for energy, it is their sole purpose in this world. And they do their job perfectly. Working with crystals is quite simple, to begin simply sit down with a crystal, close your eyes, and place the crystal in your left hand or hold it in both. Listen to how you intuitively feel and how it makes you feel, where the energy travels or pulses. There is no wrong way to do this, do not overthink it, just be. The crystal knows what to do and is always talking to you and showing you the know-how. Sometimes it feels like a heartbeat, does it bring you ease, calm, does it bring you anxious energy…if this is happening ask where the anxious energy is coming from within you and send that area of your being breathe with the crystal.    

A crystal has infinite possibilities and abilities, it can offer a way to deepen your connection with yourself, heal traumas, cultivate calm and peace, bring power to your desires, uplift you with energy and passion, build a bridge to your higher conscious self, ground you down to your roots, it support growth and transformation, it can show you the way to honor your shadows and feel the gifts of unconditional love…the list goes on and on as every crystal has its own set of qualities and characteristics. You name it and there is a crystal that can aide you in it. And remember intention is everything (if you want to learn more about intention read my previous article here). 

Learn below five simple ways to work with crystals :

In Your Home

Incorporating crystals into your home is an excellent way to balance the harmonize the energy within different rooms. Crystals can bring a peaceful and tranquil resonance to your space. Each room can have a different crystal, for example placing smokey Quartz near the entry will cleanse all people who enter your home and protect your space from negative energy from lingering or entering. Another example would be placing rose Quartz in your bedroom to cultivate compassion, unconditional love and trust energy while you at your most vulnerable state, asleep.

On Your Person

Carrying crystals is an ultimate when to connect with their characteristics and capacities. Crystals want to be held and have skin to skin or closeness contact with their user. You can carry a specific crystal in your pocket, in your bra, as a piece of jewelry, in a bag or your wallet. For example if you want to cultivate clarity in voice, consider wearing turquoise or blue lace agate

For Meditation

Taking to the time to sit with a crystal in your hand or placed strategically on your body for an extended amount of time will such a during a meditation will allow the resonance of the crystal to truly connect with you on all levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. A great crystal to meditate with would be amethyst. A gentle meditative activity would be working with a crystal gua sha during your morning or evening ritual check.

Functional Objects

Dishes, bowls, lighting, candle holders, decorative objects for the home that are on display and not are great ways to have the energy of the crystal vibrating throughout your home. They do not need to be the center of attention to say, for them to do their job. Even just admiring their beauty will support them in vibrating on a higher resonance. Intention is everything passively or consciously. Admiring beauty is a gentle emotional response which is going to promote their work within you and all around. Crystals as objects can remind us to slow down, be grateful, or take a breath just by passing them in the home. 

For Others

Some crystals want to work with you the user or purchaser, some want to be in the home as a vibrating object and others want to be gifted to a friend or family member or even a stranger. The crystal decides where it wants to be and go. For example, you may have just bought a crystal for yourself, and then all of sudden it’s with you at a dinner party and the crystal is with you and then you think to yourself, or rather the crystal tells you it wants you to give it to a specific friend at the table. At this moment, it might be hard to part with it but in most cases you must, as the crystal is telling you in needs to go with that specific person to aide them.  

“You know the world is a magical place when mother nature grows her own jewelry.”

– Unknown  

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