The Fundamentals to Working with Intention – Installment 1

There is an intention at the starting point of everything we think, say, and do. Intention is behind all things, whether we are conscious or unconscious to the intention itself, it is there.  

What is an intention?

This is a fact, a pure truth and cannot be argued with. A fundamental example of how intention is the starting point and then is followed by action; would be the part of my brain that sends the intention to my hand to write this phrase; then my physical body acts on behalf of the intention; and so my hand writes. This example of how intention always leads action is so automatic that I do not even need to put any energy into it. It is as if the intention and action are not separate.  

Let’s say you would like to move to a new country –  the intention would be: to move to a new country. After you reach this intention, you would most likely take the time to research which country is the right fit for you (using your mental/intuition to guide you). Then once you have completed your gathering of information – you take the intention + the information and you would lastly act on it with the physical body and move to the new country.  

This series of intention followed by action, can be found in everything in our existence. At times intention is clearly known’, or ‘assumes the unknown’, ‘in-love’ or ‘in-fear’ but there is always intention at the start of all things. Yet, without question in our modern society action and the physical aspect is the most known and credited since it is tangible.  

Understanding what intention is backing your action

Action not only represents physical movement but also all forms of communication; with yourself and others. Most of us create lots of actions without ever really sitting with the question what is ‘my intention here; backing/supporting this action’? And undoubtable if you are not taking the time to honor the intention and know this is the backing of the action itself, this is the exact moment when we give all our power away and exert lots of physical energy into the action without a supported and strong powerful intention. We want both the intention, and action working together in harmony and strength, this is where divine power resides, true law of attraction, and understanding of metaphysics and consciousness energy lives in you as an individual, as one who is empowered with intention followed by supporting action.  

When you begin to examine the intention within yourself around everything you do and act upon you may see that it is out of fear, lack, insecurity, defense and so forth. This is due to your own personal experiences, and therefore at this point you would want to heal these intention points and re-write the intention/ the starting point and shift it to a place of peace, love, support, confidence and all sentiments that uplift you. Since we know this intention will be feeding and nurturing the action and energy exertion of it. Once you have re-tuned your intention/your starting point, then your actions and energetic exchange with others and the experiences will match this new supportive intention point rather than the one from before that was backed by fear and lack.  

Think about it like this: whatever your starting point is filled with, is the energy that you are met with in the physical. You want it to be filled with support and love for yourself and others so that this is what you are receiving and giving. Your intention will always match your vibration on a physical and spiritual level.  

Intention vs Positive thinking

Okay, maybe you are ready to hear a little about how working with supportive and loving intention is not ‘positive thinking’. ‘Positive thinking’ is when you replace intention with a positive affirmation, while ignoring the fear and lack that was there before and it was there for good reason due to the experiences one has received. This fear and lack or whatever it may-be needs to be held, embraced and healed; not ignored and so harshly replaced with ‘positive thinking’.  

This is the real work; taking time to see and acknowledge the pain/fear/lack intention starting point, to understand it, let-go, grow and shift it into love. This takes time, this takes commitment, this takes consistency, this is where you are really beginning to heal the root of all aspects of your thoughts and actions. It can be done by working with intentions and affirmations and acknowledging all aspects of yourself with support, gentleness and compassion.  

How can you shift your intention/starting point to support you if it is in a place of fear or lack?

You replace it with a powerful statement; with a high vibrational intention phrase. You will work with it daily, you replace one old thought pattern with one that you want, and are working towards. For example: If your intention is to ask for a promotion at your job; but at the root of this intention you find yourself believing and thinking you are not fully good enough or worthy of this promotion and are afraid to ask your boss for it; then the root intention is in fear and lack not love. To shift this root; you could work with an intention like this: “I am confident in my abilities and it is easy for me to ask for what I am worthy of.”- and you would repeat this daily and write it down even over and over until it begins to be your new belief and the root and starting point to your intention.  

When you begin to use a new intention then you must embrace the part of you that is in fear, correct? You do this by embracing it and telling it that “you are on your way to this new intention” / “that you may not believe it yet but you are working towards it”this is how you embrace the fear, you do not judge it, or treat harshly by ignoring it. You soothe it, you treat it with a big hug and you allow yourself the time to walk towards your new intention without haste. This is the practice of resistance vs. resilience.  

Resistance vs Resilience

Think about it: let’s say you are beginner yogi and want to do a headstand on your second day of practice, this couldn’t happen, there is too much resistance within your body/mind/spirit and even just in your muscles. You would have to practice and commit to the regime of doing a headstand for days, weeks, months maybe even years this is when you are working towards resilience and then one day you will be able to do the headstand. But on the way, you must be supportive with your body, mind and spirit to accomplish the intention. This goes the same for shifting your intentions and thoughts from a place of fear to love, it takes releasing resistance and embracing resilience.  

Formula for High-Vibrational Intention Statement:  


  1. Must be written in first person
  2. Must be written in present moment
  3. Must be clear, concise, short and easy to say and repeat 

Good Examples: 

  • I unconditionally love myself  
  • It is easy for me to trust and surrender 
  • I am confident and worthy at all times 
  • As I release fear, I embrace love 
  • As I forgive myself I forgive others  
  • Peace and clarity are always within  
  • I am grounded, supported and loved at all times 

Bad Examples: (what is underlined is the error)

  • I will unconditionally love myself soon  
  • When I finally release fear I will be able to love  
  • I am confident and worthy when I feel loved  
  • If I open my heart new love will flow towards me  

A Few Tips on Working with Intention:  

  • Start your day with an intention, raise your vibration in the morning so you can quickly shift throughout the day when different experiences/thoughts may come towards you and bring you to a lower level 
  • Remember intention creates the momentum in the direction you want.  
  • Be gentle with yourself, there will be resistance, and you are on your way to resilience 
  • Working with new Intentions takes time, release of self judgement and embracement of self 
  • When Ego/Fear/Past Intention comes in: state: “I am on my way, I am working towards my intention, I am on the way…” 
  • Write the intention down daily in your intention journal  
  • Repeat the intention in your mind and heart daily, many times a day  
  • Use this intention during your meditation or yoga practice  
  • Use the intention when you are triggered in the present moment 
  • Behind everything is intention, and you want to be intentional with your actions/thoughts/all aspects of you